Weekend Recap

This weekend recap is coming to you day later than I intended, but in my defense, this is my mom’s last week in town, and we are trying to fit in a lot in our last few days together. Our weekend kicked off with trip to Thomasville, GA. My mom, my friend Lexie, and I decided we needed to start our Saturday with brunch at Liam’s, one of my mother’s and my all time favorite brunch spots. Their menu is locally inspired and constantly changing, and even after all this time, it never disappoints.

w2 w1My mom is a huge fan of their famous house coffee beverage, the “Rude Awakening”: three shots of espresso, two tablespoons of sugar, and quite a bit of deliciously steamed milk. As you can see, it makes her very happy ūüôāw3¬†I also got to try Masa pancakes, which was a first for me, and I have to say it was pretty great. I could absolutely see myself whipping these up at home, maybe with a little home made honey butter.w12From there, we walked around downtown for a bit. We visited our favorite shops, enjoyed the Autumn decor, and tried to pretend that it wasn’t still crazy hot outside. Some day I will live in a place that isn’t 90 degrees in the “Fall”. w4 w11¬†How great is this ceiling?! I would love to have something like this in my house someday. Perhaps when I make a lot more money and have purchased that townhouse in Savannah I’ve been dreaming of?w10 w5 w6¬†We grabbed some Italian sodas for the drive home; I went with Blackberry and my friend Lexie opted for a Caramel Cream soda that she called “life changing”.w7 w8¬†Yeah, we worked in brunch on Sunday, too. This time at Kool Beanz here in Tallahassee.¬†It was awesome, and I regret nothing.¬†w9How was your weekend?

Friday Link Love


Happy Friday, friends! I am having a bit of a dilemma today: I have a serious case of the cranky pants, and I don’t know how to get rid of it. I suspect once I am actually home and the work day is behind me, things might get a bit better, but that is still pretty far away. In the mean time, I am trying to concentrate on the positives: going to Thomasville with my mom tomorrow, dinner with friends tonight, a trip to the vegan cafe on Sunday… you know, reminding myself that it won’t always be bank recs and filing. I may have to break down and flip through Instagram for pictures of cute cats if things don’t improve soon. Hopefully, your day is going a bit better, but either way, here are some links to get to weekend started.

In honor of National White Chocolate Day, I give you my favorite white chocolate candy bar.

This recipe for apple plumb cobbler seems like the perfect recipe for this week’s transition from summer to fall.

For the most part, I would consider being categorized as a “basic” white girl a little offensive. However, after seeing this quiz¬†on how to determine how basic one is during fall, I think this maybe the one time of year I’d happily basic it up. Also, do yoga pants count as leggings?

I may have purchased this¬†lipstick during the summer, but it is going to be my “go to” shade for the next three months.

LOVING this Walk Off the Earth cover¬†of “Let It Go”.

The decor in my house is still very much a work in progress, and after reading this article, there are a few more items I need to add to my to do/shopping list.

Autumn Bucket List!!!

It’s the first day of Autumn! There are so many wonderful seasonal things to do this time of year I hardly know where to start. In honor of this wonderful, wonderful day and to help you get inspired for the season, here is my Autumn Bucket List.


  1. Visit a corn maze
  2. Wear plaid
  3. Go to a farm
  4. Drink warm apple cider
  5. Cuddle up in front of the fire
  6. Roast marshmallows
  7. Make an autumn wreath
  8. Buy a fall scented candle
  9. Make apple butter
  10. Stomp on piles of crunchy leaves
  11. Wear a fall inspired nail color
  12. Bake a pie
  13. Visit a pumpkin patch
  14. Paint or carve a pumpkin
  15. Roast pumpkin seeds
  16. Celebrate the season of giving by doing a random act of kindness
  17. Put together a puzzle on a cool day
  18. Bake something with cinnamon
  19. Wear a cozy sweater
  20. Have a picnic
  21. Make a “thankful for” list
  22. Go to a fall festival
  23. Take a walk in the cool weather
  24. Try a new fall flavored tea
  25. Decorate the mantle
  26. Watch Nightmare Before Christmas
  27. Go on a weekend trip
  28. Wear fluffy socks and a scarf
  29. Have friends over for a chili night
  30. Read outside

What activities are on your list for the next few months?

Image from here.

Thinking Inside the Box: Sun Basket

Our last Sun Basket delivery went a little wonky. Andy and I had already decided to end our trial month a week early since we hadn’t been loving the food, but then we were notified that our selections for week 3 hadn’t saved and were going to receive three randomly selected meals instead. Problem 1 – two of the three meals were things that I couldn’t eat. Problem 2 – the company does not have weekend staff so even though I contacted them as soon as I found out, they couldn’t cancel the order since it actually shipped before customer service had even read my email. They did apologize for the mix up and gave us another three meals for free to compensate. So setting that delivery aside I give you the final week of Sun Basket.

sb1Our order made it right on time and everything was pretty much picture perfect.¬†sb2 sb3¬†The food was the best set of recipes we’d received yet. The Salmon with roasted new potatoes and green beans was incredible. I am not a huge fish person, but damn. Andy was so please with the results that he has tucked the recipe card away in the kitchen binder so he can make it again.sb4¬†The¬†Yemeni grilled shrimp with fattoush salad was not quite as good. I wasn’t a huge fan of the spice blend on the shrimp, but a am now a HUGE fan of fattoush salad. I would probably eat it once a week if I could.sb5Sadly, we did not get to make recipe #3. Hurricane Hermine hit Tallahassee, and we were without power just long enough to make all the dairy and seafood in our fridge unsafe to consume.

Verdict: I’m glad we tried Sun Basket, and if I’d hadn’t tried any other meal delivery services before I would have been really pleased. However, despite being pretty consistent with delivery schedules and having packing material that can be recycled, the food just wasn’t as good as what we had from Blue Apron. If pressed to recommend one or the other, it would be Blue Apron all the way.

Beautiful Baubles and Shay Mitchell

I am a notorious binge-watching fiend. Crappy week at the office, family drama, hormonal, and out of chocolate; whatever minor life drama I have can send me scurrying for my Netflix queue so I can disconnect for a bit. A while back, my program of choice was Pretty Little Liars, so I was delighted to discover that the new Guest Bartender at Bauble Bar was Shay Mitchell. Along with the collection being so many of the things I love in my jewelry (sparkle, globally inspired shapes, ethereal styling), it was like getting to see an old friend. Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

bb9 bb6 bb5 bb7 bb8¬†bb4¬†The chokers alone would have made me love this collection. I was a very big fan of the trend when it last came around in the late 90’s, early 2000’s. I even still have a few of my¬†more elaborate ones saved in my jewelry box.bb1 bb2 bb3¬†bb10I mean, if there was ever a collection that could make a girl feel like royalty, it would be this one. ¬†With so many glittering pieces, I find myself at a loss as to what to purchase first. I also find myself trying to come up with reasons why I might “need” this or that piece. I mean, the holidays are coming up, and there are going to be plenty of reasons that a girl might need a little extra sparkle. Right?