Keeping Time with Olivia Burton

This may seem a little strange, but I haven’t worn a watch since high school. It started with art class and having to remove it and any other jewelry from my wrist while painting or whatever since I tended to be a little exuberant (aka messy) when it came to the creation process. Furthermore, it drove me nuts to have something clicking against the desk while I was writing. I tried wearing it on my non dominant hand, and that was a little better, but then I took typing and well… that requires both hands so you can guess what happened next. In a world full of cell phones, it seems like the timepiece is more of a luxury rather than a necessity, the way it once was.

Recently however, I have found myself in a few situations where neither my cellphone nor a wall clock wasn’t immediately available to me. It got me thinking, maybe, just maybe I should give this whole “watch” thing another shot. It’s been many years since high school, and my financial resources allow for something other than the $9.99 Walmart special that I rocked back in the day.  While I am nowhere near making my final selection, I did want to share this amazing company I stumbled across called Olivia Burton. Classy, feminine, and understated, these watches give you an accessory you can wear with almost anything, while still being a little something special. Even better, they have vegan options that are every bit as lovely as their less animal friendly counterparts.

While the flowers are probably what I would ultimately choose, the idea of a gilded little bumble bee or a delicate little bunny being the focal point really appeals to me. Probably because it’s a sophisticated version of something that would usually be found in the children’s section. While I was perusing options for myself, I was making mental notes of things I think might be nice for various gift giving occasions. For example, the watch above with the lovely pastel blooms and butterflies and the perfectly coordinated sage green band? Perfect for my mom. Oh ,and she likes rose gold, can’t forget the rose gold.  

Really lovely options, but I am still not quite ready to bite the bullet and make the purchase. Besides, there are a couple of gift giving holidays coming up in the next few months (ie. my anniversary and Christmas) and generally Andy is willing to spend more on me than I am on myself, so if I hold out who knows what I might end up with 😉


All images from Nordstrom.

Simple Delicious Fruit Dip

The other day I found myself packing up fresh berries to take to a friend’s house for game night. As I  looked at the containers of fruit, I kept thinking “this needs something.” Which queued memories of the many, many, southern church pot lucks I went to growing up. I remembered this delicious, tangy dip that my mom frequently had to remind me to share or to leave some for other people, but I couldn’t remember how to make it. Fortunately, we live in a world of Pinterest, and while I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, I did find something close, and with a tweak here and a reconfiguration there, I think I’ve gotten it exactly right. It seemed to be a hit with everyone who tried it, and the cats attacked the almost empty bowl when I gave it and the mixing spoon to Andy to “finish off.” I am thinking it would also be pretty wonderful layered into a tart shell with some of that fresh fruit layered on top…..a recipe for a later day.


  • 8oz of cream cheese (I used the 1/3 fat from Philadelphia)
  • 3/4 cup Vanilla Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp Almond Extract


  1. In a mixing bowl, beat together cream cheese and vanilla yogurt until uniform in texture.
  2. Next, beat in powdered sugar and almond extract until completely incorporated.
  3. Chill covered until ready to serve.

Super simple, but now I know the secret and you guys do too. People seemed to really like this with strawberries, but I think it also works well with tarter fruits like granny smith apples. I’d be interested to try to veganize the recipe, since I’ve had both vegan yogurt and cream cheese and I think the flavors/consistency are close enough to work. With so many friends with different dietary restrictions, it’s nice to have something you can put together quickly and reliably.

Friday Link Love

This has been a crazy week. With Irma bearing down on Florida this past weekend, Andy and I decided to pack up the cats and a few select belongings and caravan our two vehicles up to NC to stay with my mom. As you can imagine, gas was scarce, traffic was awful, and the journey took us several hours more than it should. Ultimately, we were really lucky and Irma veered off at the last moment, just brushing Tallahassee. Our neighborhood had some downed limbs, but according to my next door neighbor, the power never even went out. This was not the case for other parts of the city, but it did mean that Andy and I had a fully functioning home to come back to (after a horrible drive back) when my boss ordered every body back into the office by Wednesday morning. We’re very, very tired, but getting things back on track.

Many of my friends and family in the lower part of the state, however, are still without power and gas. It is heartbreaking because I know how miserable they are, but I can’t get to them without being stranded myself. Fortunately, rescue and power crews are working day and night to get things up and running as soon as humanly possible. A lot of them have been promised relief by the end of Saturday or Sunday. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that at the very least we’re all safe. And if praying is something your comfortable with, I’d really appreciate you sending up an extra one for all the people trying to put their world back together right now. Every little bit helps.

For all of you hard core Harry Potter fans out there, Pottery Barn Teen has released a collection inspired by the iconic series. They also have a few DIYs that’ll make your space that much more magic.

The world could use more of these Tiny, Weird & Brilliant ideas.

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning your epic BBQ set up for next year.

I know the temperature has barely begun to drop (it’s been in the high 80’s here), but I am already dreaming about cozy fall dinner. Things like this Creamy Cauliflower & Leek Soup.

Flowers can do a lot to brighten up a space or elevate a table, but aside from cutting the stems and throwing them in a creative vase I find myself at a loss. That’s why I truly appreciate this tutorial for creating a sophisticated fall flower arrangement.

In the past I have been…well…a bit derisive when it comes to pre-fab homes, but this beautiful “surf shack” by Ikea has me changing my tune.

This “Young Wild & 3” Shibori inspired party has me wanting to do some serious DIYing.

These nightlights are whimsical as well as practical and I think I might need one for the back hallway or the guest bathroom. You know, for safety.


Image from here

Friday Link Love

Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnddd the wait continues. As all of south Florida floods the interstate fleeing the hurricane, those of us in the panhandle are precariously perched waiting to see if we need to follow suit. I hate waiting, I am the worst at waiting, I mean, it’s dangerous to send the tracking code for a package because I will stalk that thing until the delivery guy rings the doorbell. This is so much more intense than that. Honestly, if it were just Andy and I, we’d probably already be gone, but the logistics of loading up 4 senior cats with various health issues and making the 8 hour drive to my mom’s… it’s daunting even with the best of conditions. We’re still doing every last thing we can to be extra prepared, but I am also looking at maybe hitting the craft store tonight and picking up some easy craft project supplies so I have something to keep me busy if we stay and end up loosing power. So if you guys wouldn’t mind taking a quick moment to send up a little prayer or some positive energy for me, I would greatly appreciate it. At this point, we Floridians need all the help we can get.

Really digging the soft coppery tones of this fall inspiration table. And that gold leaf garland! Am I right?

Once I know whether we’ll be losing power or not, I’ll be making a batch of these slice cookies to keep on hand for unexpected visitors.

This DIY door hanger is so cute I think I might whip a few up for Christmas gifts.

So might feel super sneaky, but your camo ninja skills are nothing compared to The Invisible Man.  Dude’s game is STRONG.

We all know how much it can suck to have to come up with something for dinner at the end of a long day. Here are some tips to help you eat at home while minimizing the end of the day stress.

If you have a puppy or a doggo, you need to have one of these. We all need to stay well hydrated when we’re out and about.

Even though I am in my thirties, I still have a deep love for YA novels. This list from Buzzfeed has added quite a few items to my “to read list”.

I am so happy this tiny trash panda found a loving home and will someday be released into the wild, but I am super jealous of the lady who got all those adorable baby bandit snuggles.


Image from here

I’m Freaking Out, So I Am Looking At Pretty Pictures

As I am sure most of you are aware, there is a rather large hurricane slowly advancing on the state of Florida. I was doing okay; Andy and I have been keeping our gas tanks topped off, our go bags ready, and a decent cache of non-perishables on hand, but I am starting to freak out a little bit. Less so because of the storm because at this point all we can do here in the panhandle is wait, and more so because the entire state has gone bat-shit crazy. Seriously, I cringe every time I have to go into a store. I am just waiting to see a soccer mom get into a fist fight with an accountant over the last bottle of water, while the neighbor from down the road is stealing batteries and flash lights from their carts while they fight. Having done all that we can do, Andy and I have been spending a lot of time at home, just to stay out of it. Unfortunately, all my anxious energy can only be translated into so many baked goods before I need to go on a supply run, so I’ve been watching Netflix while doing laundry while distracting myself with Pinterest. One of the things I came across was images by photographer Bella Kotak.

These stunning fairy tale images successfully distracted me from all things hurricane related and had me instead thinking of glass slippers, evil queens, and epic adventures.

 Now, see, that is a princess dress. How much better would grocery shopping be in something like that, am I right?

So what do you guys do when you can’t sit still? I am looking for other options since the laundry is going to run out soon…

For more gorgeous pictures, you can check out the artist’s Facebook page and Instagram feed.