Sweet South Cottage Country French Flea Market

Quite the name, right? This event takes place once a year, and though I’ve considered going in the past, the stars never really aligned to make it happen. This year, however, things fell into place perfectly so Saturday morning my friend Cassie and I found ourselves pulling into the farm at 9 with all the other “gotta get there early” shoppers and handing over our $10 to peruse what is supposed to be one of the best antique and craft fairs in Tallahassee.

I have to admit that I underestimated this event a little. I mean, I’ve been to local craft fairs and you can find some really incredible stuff, but the furniture at this event… it’s probably better for my bank account that I couldn’t fit most of the larger items in my vehicle.   I would have been HGTV worthy I promise you, oh well… maybe next year 😉We really lucked out; the weather was gorgeous for most of the morning, which is something that is never a given here in Florida, but it did start to warm up around lunch time. By that point, we’d made our way to the booths that were more small items and crafts. We also made some furry friends along the way, like this sweet guy named Diesel. I think Cassie would have stolen him if she had the chance.   I wanted this bed so badly! It was so gorgeously detailed and colorful. The kind of thing that would make Andy roll his eyes, but makes my little hippy heart sing.I bought a lot more things than I intended; one of the impulse purchases was some really incredible soap from a local vendor. I’ll post more information later after I’ve used it for a while and make sure it really is as good as I think it is.   On the way out, we picked up a few pastries from one of my favorite local places Trevas, who had a booth stocked with some of their most popular items. We made some final purchases and listened to some music by this talented father and son duo.If you happen to be in Tallahassee around this time next year, you should definitely plan to check this event out.

Friday Check In, Okay It’s Actually A Rant…

Hey guys, I regret to inform you that there in no link love this week. I know you’re disappointed, that handful of internet randomnesss really makes my week too. Today though, I just don’t have a lot of happy to share. I know that thousands of cat videos are a short Google search away, but right now I am feeling a little defeated and glossing over it seems a little dishonest.

It’s been a rough week. My job, while usually merely unfulfilling, has been downright awful. It kicked off with a coworker regaling all of us with her husband’s hospital “nightmare” story. Evidently they were “forced” to interact with several gay nurses, there was even a transgender nurse, and these “people” watched her husband’s post-op bathroom trips. I couldn’t believe the narrow minded hate spewing from her unenlightened mouth. I stood there in horror as my pro-Trump co-workers nodded sympathetically. My supervisor, thank God, gave her a look and said that she didn’t see what the problem was, since sexual preference didn’t dictate job performance, a sentiment I quickly seconded, but it really hurt to see how in the minority our opinions were. My younger brother, who passed away three years ago, was gay. He was also engaged to one of the sweetest guys I have ever met. I don’t expect everyone to be as a pro-LGBTQ as I am, but I do expect them to have basic respect for their fellow humans. It is so wrong to condemn a person based on a single facet of who they are. And I have news for my co-worker, I am 99.9% sure that none of those nurses got any enjoyment out of watching her husband take a piss. It was just a reminder of how little I fit in at my job and how little I can really do to get away. Throw in some screaming clients, incessantly ringing phones and looming deadlines, and I am walking out of the building at the end of everyday completely exhausted and my blood pressure through the roof.

On a grander scale, I am feeling socially impotent. As a plus size tattooed pink haired feminist, I feel like ever damn day I walk out the door, or hell, go online, is a battle. And I say that sitting here in my white hetero middle class privilege, knowing how much worse it is for so many others. But I am tired, and I don’t feel like things are getting better. I know that the fact that the recent Weinstein scandal came out at all means that things are beginning to change, but this isn’t an isolated event. This is the same shit that goes on in lesser forms every damn day. So much so, that we women don’t realize how crazy it is sometimes. I haven’t met a woman yet, who hasn’t had her ass groped in a crowded bar or been inappropriately propositioned by some guy who thought that the fact that he had a penis entitled him to whatever he wanted. I’m tired of having to worry about what I wear and the message it’s sending. Of not feeling comfortable going into certain situations without check-ins and back up. Of being told what is and isn’t acceptable for me to do with my own damn body. Of being valued by my appearance and my cup size instead of my skills or intelligence. Of trying to be an example of tolerance and mutual respect in a world full of raging offensive pontificating assholes. I am tired, but what’s my alternative? To throw my hands up and say, “No mas! It’s too hard!” ? I can’t stop, because that privilege I was referring to earlier? That privilege gives me power, gives weight to my words makes me responsible for pressing forward where others can’t. It’s like that whole Uncle Ben/Spiderman thing “with great power comes great responsibility”.

So what is the take away from all this? I am tired, I am pissy, and I am feeling sorry for myself, but after I have indulged in a good wallow, I will be back at it. Also, just be nice one another. Seriously, if we could just recognize that we are all different and no one has the right to tell us how to live our lives, we’d all be a lot happier. Happy Friday.


Tallahassee has a new bakery, and I am delighted! Shocking, right? But you heard right, I’m here, I’m chubby, and I like pastries! SoDough opened its doors a week and a half ago, and the buzz around town has been palpable. They have no parking, limited seating, long lines, and it’s worth every damn minute you have to wait. I’ve been twice now for early morning weekend pastry runs with my friends and not a single thing we’ve tried has been anything less than amazing.

A group of us got up early and decided to make our first visit at 8 am the day of the grand opening.  The line was out the door, but the staff bustled around filling cases, offering coffee cups to people who were planning on purchasing so they’d have something to sip in line.   The crew behind the counter was hustling, filling orders, making/decorating donuts, and ringing up purchases, all while being helpful and pleasant to each and every customer.     After securing a box full of pastries apiece, we retreated to the seating nook near the window and proceeded to over indulge. We all got a couple different things so there was a lot of “try a piece of this” and “holy crap, this is amazing – you have to try this.” There were also some wordless happy dances performed after trying a bite of something especially amazing. Between what I’ve purchased and what my friends have let me try I can whole heartedly recommend the following: the Strawberry Lavender Sugar Donut, Delta Butter Donut (Andy’s favorite), Key Lime Pie Donut, Chocolate Stout Donut, the Indigo Shibori Bread, The Everything Bagel Kolache and the Mushroom Pastry (my favorite). The pastry case always has something new and interesting to try, but this at least gives you a place to start. 

Since both of my visits have been on the weekends, I am trying to figure out how to get over there during the week to see if things are a little less hectic. No luck so far, but it’s only been two weeks.

Friday Link Love

You guys, something really exciting happened this week! I had not one, but TWO perfectly crisp golden hued leaves in my driveway yesterday. I made a happy sound and stepped on them and was rewarded with that deeply satisfying autumn crunch. It’s almost like fall is trying to happen in Florida. The thermostat has even been steadily below 90. I know that isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of the season, but I’ll take every little bit I can. Especially with Tropical Storm Nate lurking closer than we Floridians would like. A little rain is fine, but I think the state has been through enough for this year, thank you very much. I might even bake some of the spice cookie recipes I’ve been bookmarking for the last month. I think some spice cookies and a nice mug of hot cider sound pretty perfect for a lazy Saturday or Sunday evening, and not a bad way to end the husband’s birthday week. To the links!

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A hotel that is fully booked the moment you check in? Intriguing.

Loving these tips on making your mood board a reality.

While I don’t think I’ll ever be a true “minimalist”, I think these are some great suggestions about how to curate and maintain a more meaningful household.

I’ve never considered taking myself “back to school shopping” as an adult. Now I think it might be fun to give it a try.

This gorgeous number is everything I want in a slip dress.

With the right tools, these votive picture frames would be a simple DIY that I think would work very well for your home or as a holiday gift.

I am only starting to dabble into the wide intimidating world of cake decorating, but I would love to give this cake a try.



Image from here

Witchy Wishlist

While I don’t go as big for Halloween as some of my friends (we’re talking entire homes being covered in all things spooky), I do find the prospect of Jack-O-Lanterns and dressing up fun. It’s gotten a bit more difficult as I’ve gotten older; I have this desire to “become” whatever I choose to dress up as vs. merely wearing something that is obviously a costume, which mostly leads to frustrating DIY days and me deciding to go as a cat once again. The other thing I like to do is pick up “costume” pieces that could be integrated into my day to day life and wardrobe. This year for a bit of fun, I made up a witchy themed wishlist of items I think many modern day spell casters would be delighted to own.

  1. Rhapsody Crown NecklaceLeia Beila
  2. Night VisionsRituel de Fille
  3. Phase of the Moon WatchHot Topic
  4. Peaceful Home CandlesNew Moon Beginnings
  5. Moon Flower Flat BootFree People
  6. As You Wish Floral JacketUrban Outfitters
  7. Natural Quartz Filigree NecklaceHowling Moon UK
  8. Laurel CrownElemental Child
  9. Layered Lacework DressAnthropologie

What do you think? Better than some random pointy black hat, right? This wishlist also had a bit of a Practical Magic feel to it. I wanted so badly to be as cool as the Owens women when I was younger. Not the whole losing the love of your life part, but more of the great fashion sense, subtle spelling abilities, and the self confidence that the aunts had in spades. I also wanted the house; it was a really great house 🙂