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Floaty Floaty Pretty Layers

Lately, I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses. They’re easy to throw on, comfortable, and, in general, tend to look as if you’ve “tried” harder than, say, a tank top and some yoga pants. This weekend I received an email from  Free People highlighting some of their lovely summer dresses, and you know what? I need more dresses.

 Being a chubby girl, I have been conditioned to not consider mid-drift baring options, but this lovely blue number is so cute I say “damn societal expectations!” The sweet little side buttons make it even more perfect. 
THIS DRESS! So bright, so patterned, so floaty! And a wonderful reason to invest in a pair of gold sandals

Uh oh, more buttons! Plus, being black, you don’t have to worry about sweat showing.
It’s so hard being fiscally responsible, when there are so many gorgeous options. What is your favorite warm weather clothing item?


All images from  Free People

The Rest of It…

I ended up with so many pictures of Weeki Wachee this past weekend that I decided to break things up into two posts. One about the mermaids and the other about everything else because even though the mermaids are considered the main attraction, they are not all Weeki Wachee Springs has to offer.

 As you can see below, there are quite a few things to be seen. While the mermaids have claim on the part on the deepest part of the springs – where the spring mouth is, the other part has been converted into Buccaneer Bay, a water park with crystal clear water and three water slides. Lifeguards patrol the beaches and keep an extra close eye on the area at the base of the slides to avoid collisions. We didn’t get to swim this time, but they were playing some of the music from my high school days and the nostalgia induced was STRONG.  The park is also home to interesting wild life. While there is a designated show and viewing area for the more dangerous and scaly inhabitants, the peacocks have free rein of the grounds and can often be found around the edges of the snack shack and entertaining tourists in the open green spaces.  
Discovery point is where you want to go to see the Wildlife Show and to walk the Tranquility Trail. We were rained out of the former, but we did manage to do the later.   The Tranquility Trail runs against the edge of the area that is accessible only to those renting kayaks and paddle boards (something I really would like to try next time), and I love to see how the waters transition from that bright, almost artificial looking blue at the center to the dusky murky edges where the trees hang down into the water and play host to tadpoles and small darty fish. With a little bit of planing and an early morning, I think it would be completely possible to enjoy everything Weeki Wachee has to offer. And I will absolutely be putting that theory to the test the next time I have the chance.

The Mermaids

Like I mentioned on Monday, my mom and I took a quick trip down south this weekend. While spending time with family was at the top of the list of “things to do”, #2 was go to Weeki Wachee to see the mermaids. Even though I lived in central Florida until I was 18, I didn’t know anything about “The City of Mermaids.” It wasn’t until I came to college and spent some time learning about what there was to do in the sunshine state that I discovered I had grown up a mere 2.5 hours away from mythological creatures. It took another 10ish years for me to finally make the trip, and I wish I had done it a lot sooner.

Even though I was completely in the dark, it turns out my mom and her siblings went to Weeki Wachee a number of times in the 60’s and 70’s. Heck, there are even stories about my grandparents losing my Uncle Brian at one of the swimming spots and my Uncle Larry skipping school with his friend to go hang out with the mermaids.

The park has changed a bit since then – the impressive shell has been removed from the springs and the mermaids do a lot more of their tricks in fins -, but walking around you get the sense that the history of the place is being honored, while modernizing some of their practices to make sure the park maintained for future generations. 
Now I am completely aware that these aren’t “real” mermaids, but the little girl in me was completely dazzled by these amazing underwater acrobats. I gave my mom such a hard time because now I am old, married, and live far far away, but a younger more athletic me could have perhaps joined these ladies and worn fins of my very own. If only I’d known!  I clapped and cheered my heart out for these ladies (because they can actually hear you through the glass), and I only hope that I have the chance to make a return trip very, very soon. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the mermaids, you can check out the park’s website, and if you keep a close eye on their camp schedule, you can even book a spot in their weekend “Siren’s of the Deep” class and learn what it’s like to be one of the Weeki Wachee mermaids.

Weekend Recap

Hello friends, as we face down a new work week, I am still thinking about this past weekend. As a belated Mother’s Day gift, my mom and I made an overnight trip down to Ybor City to visit with my Aunt and Uncle and stopped at Weeki Wachee Springs on the way back to meet the mermaids.

 I was able to get Friday off from work, so we woke up a little later than normal, loaded the car, and then hit the road. In honor of meeting the mermaids, we made Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes and decorated them with shimmery white chocolate mermaid tales to bring to my Aunt and Uncle. We arrived around 2pm, spent some time playing with my fur-cousin Rosie, and then had an early dinner at the historic Columbia Restaurant. I’ve been to their St. Augustine location before, but the one in Ybor is the original and I’d never managed to go even though I grew up only an hour away. After a bit of shopping, we checked into our AirBnB tiny house, which is my favorite tiny house I’ve stayed in to date, and called it an evening. The next morning we were up bright an early to grab breakfast at the Tropicana – my mom always has to have Cuban toast, a deviled crab, and a cafe con leche from them every time she is in town – and hit the Saturday Market right across the street. 
We were lucky enough to see plenty of the famous Ybor Chickens; they are protected by the city, and this time of year there are plenty of little chicks to be seen foraging with their parents and running around in the bushes.  The roosters are very keen to make their presence known; they strut around crowing to make sure nobody forgets who these spaces really belong to. This guy was following me around the market. I think he liked my hair. On our way out of town, we stopped at La Segunda Central Bakery to stock up on loaves of Cuban bread and pastries for the road. You guys know while I love baked goods, I can be a bit of a snob, but everything I have ever tried from these guys has been incredible. My only complaint is that they’re so far away from Tallahassee. If you’re ever in Ybor, do yourself a favor and put this place on your list of things to see. 
After seeing the mermaids (more on that later) and having one last meal with my Aunt and Uncle, we headed back to Tallahassee and spent Sunday running errands and trying to rest up a bit. A fantastic weekend, and it was over far too soon. I am already trying to get Andy to agree to a longer trip later on this year. Maybe in the late fall when things have cooled down a bit. I managed to make it through our adventure without a sunburn, but Florida has only started to get into her summer swing.

Sweet Daze Dessert Bar

Every once in a while you find something cool that makes you want to go places that you’ve never even considered before. Places like Richardson, TX. The wonder that is Instagram introduced me  Sweet Daze dessert bar. Unicorn cake, soft serve topped donuts, and fanciful layered confections; heck, they even offer vegan options so there is a little something for everyone. It’s tailor made for a sparkle sweet loving girl like me. 
This place is incredible! I wish so badly that we had something like this in Tallahassee; girls night and coffee/tea dates would never be the same again! You can check out their menu here; they have seasonal treats offered daily as well as entire decorated layer cakes that are available by pre-order. So what do you say? Who wants to meet me in Richardson, TX for some crazy elaborate treats and a nice frosty beverage?


Images from here & here