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The Newest Thing in Bad-Ass Hair Color

I have been LOVING the rainbow of hair color trends over the last couple of years. I mean, the fact that one can now purchase lavender hair dye at Target is a testament to how far we’ve pushed the envelope when it comes to “socially acceptable” hair color. Now innovators are taking things one step further with The Unseen: Fire dyes. This semi-permanent color turns your tresses from a deep somber raven black to a variety fiery hues with the application of heat. Now for a Florida girl like me, I am fairly certain that there wouldn’t be much of a shift back and forth, but for someone who didn’t reside in the sunshine state, this would be so much fun. This product was set to launch with London fashion week and the company behind it is now looking for investors so they can start large scale production.

You can read more about Unseen and their project “Fire” on the company’s Instagram page and in their Bored Panda article.

Weekend Recap

And so another week begins. It was an oddly busy weekend around Casa Bucior, a lot of random errands that weren’t super critical, but that had been on the “to-do” list for a while. You know, fun and exciting things like going to Home Depot to get a rake and LED bulbs for the light fixture in the kitchen. This close to the end of tax season I try to keep my schedule open since I never know when the bosses are going to be super productive and need me to come in for a few hours. Fortunately, my assistance was not required this particular weekend, so I got to enjoy my time off.

I did manage to have breakfast at one of my favorite brunch spots, Canopy Road, on Saturday as well as Sunday, and I noticed their spiffy new succulent wall. I’d love to do something like this in my dining room; herbs would be even better, but the lack of sunlight makes it less than ideal for most plants. I met this little cutie while I was out and about; she was heading to the puppy spa to get her nails done. She was very excited about going inside, but paused long enough to allow us to scratch her ears and tell her what a pretty girl she was.  New socks that keep it real. One of the other things I managed to do this weekend was go to the Tallahassee Museum for a few hours. They have a new habitat for Asian Small Clawed Otters, which are crazy cute. Unfortunately, they refused to hold still long enough for me to get a picture, but I did get plenty of shots of spring time in Florida.  This doe was taking some time out from the rest of her family; I am pretty sure she was hoping to be first for lunch. It was only like 10:30, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her. Wearing my awesome new socks with my awesome cats. You can’t see it, but I actually have a third cat draped over my shoulder.Once again lusting after the gorgeous flowers at Trader Joe’s and lamenting my lack of green thumbs. I am just now realizing how much of my weekend included pants and me wishing I was better at gardening. Clearly a productive use of my time off, right?

Mate Factor

One of the best things about Savannah is the amazing food. Southern, fusion, experimental – you name it; they’ve got it. What makes things even more interesting is that the best food in town is usually from a small local place. I’ve discovered a few over the years and this past trip yielded a delightful new addition, Mate Factor.

This little gem was located not even a three minute walk from our Air BnB, and initially, we weren’t sure we were going to be able to try it out since it is closed on Saturdays. Fortunately, we are both fairly early risers, and we were able to grab a quick bite before getting on the road Sunday morning. One of the reviews I read online described this place as something out of a fairy tale, and I have to say the description is pretty accurate. While it looks like a cozy cottage on the outside, the inside actually holds a few small structures that give the place the feeling of an enchanted market. The cold case and ordering “cottage” are off to one side, and seating space has been maximized by creating a loft as well as lower recessed seating.  Of course we decided to sit in the loft. I started my day with an egg & cheese sandwich and a “Dandy Remix”, and Rebecca went with a cranberry orange scone paired with a hazelnut vanilla latte. I also picked up a scone and a mini sweet potato pound cake to take home for Andy. Everything was delicious, and ultimately I was annoyed with myself for not ordering a larger beverage and more baked goods.  I absolutely adored this little cafe, and it will absolutely be at the top of my “must see” list from now on. I can’t wait to take Andy there the next time we’re in town.

Savannah Weekend

Hello, friends! I am back from Savannah, and coming down off of what was a pretty incredible weekend has been a tiny bit rough. It was so much fun spending time in once of my favorite cities with one of my favorite people.

 Savannah was gracious and perfect, as always, and, even though it’s only February, they are already descending to the sultry summer weather that the south is so very famous for. Fortunately, it hadn’t gone too far; the thermostat topped out in the low 80’s, and there was a breeze coming off the river so walking around was still very enjoyable.  I got to introduce Rebecca to some of my favorite shops and places in Savannah (Paris Market) and discover a bunch of new places that make me love this place even more (Lulu’s Chocolate Bar and Mate Factor).  We definitely indulged in the touristy part of Savannah more than I ever had before. We did a trolley tour with Old Town Trolley and had an incredible time with our guide Scott who managed to impart a lot of history while keeping us all very entertained. I am already planning on taking my mom on the same tour the next chance I get. The trip wasn’t nearly long enough, and I am already trying to come up with a reason to head back. I keep crossing my fingers that some day the stars will align and I’ll be able to call this beautiful place my home, but until then, I can look back on these pictures and daydream.

The Art of Movement

One of the things I’ve always wished I could do was be a dancer. I ran around in Ballerina costumes until mother nature decided that I was in no way going to be the necessary body type, in college, I took weekly classes with the Ballroom Dancing Club my freshman year and then took belly dancing at the local YMCA for a while, but none of this magically morphed me into one of the characters from Center Stage or Shall We Dance. Mostly I don’t completely embarrass myself at weddings now. The dream never really went away though, and when I saw the NYC Dance Project created The Art of Movement, I fell in love and immediately started daydreaming about what it would be like to able to be the physical embodiment of music.

It also helps that there are some beautiful costumes that are being masterfully manipulated. Caught me with dance and held me fast with fashion: someone clearly knows the way to this girl’s heart.

Images from here.