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Friday Link Love

My enthusiasm for the end of the week is a little underwhelming today. While I am very pleased that the work week is at its end, all I really feel like doing right now is flopping down on my couch and staring at the ceiling for a while. Actually, my couch wouldn’t work in this scenario. If I were to flop onto my own couch, I would be swarmed immediately by the fluffy horde because it is apparently a house rule. Is mommy sitting or laying? She must have no fewer than three cats vying to assist her. While I love my furbabies dearly, they have been going above and beyond to keep my blood pressure elevated. Breaking things, getting into things, trying to escape, crying at the door for half the night….you get the idea. All of this, I’m sure, will be remedied with a good night’s rest and some uninterrupted reading time. Maybe. Hopefully.

After this very long week, I am very much in need of this list of ways to improve your mood.

And to soothe your soul, these adorable cheetah cubs doing their best to sound ferocious.

If those two don’t get the job done, here are some essential oil blends that are supposed to help reduce anxiety.

A modern take on the iconic Carrie Bradshaw style.

Spirited Away is one of my favorite Miyazaki films and I think it is incredibly cool that you can walk through and “pig” out in the town that inspired the movie.

Speaking of pigging out, waffles anyone?

Let’s face it, in a world of Pinterest Perfect and Insta-Ready, it leave the average person feeling a little down about their home decor. Here are 10 decorating tips from someone who makes a living creating those gorgeous snap shots we all aspire to.

I like this modern take on floral arrangements; I think it could be a lot of fun the next time you host brunch.



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Friday…oops…Saturday Link Love

Well you guys, I have to say it was a pretty incredible birthday week. My 31st year has had a terrific kick off and I am definitely more optimistic about the year to come. After so much outing/abouting and celebrating, I am honestly looking forward to a relatively quiet weekend to recharge. You know, a little brunch here, a nap with the fur babies there, round it all out with a little grocery shopping, light cleaning and some baking just so I feel like I’ve gotten something accomplished. I might even spend some time outside, heavily SPFed of course, but it seems like a waste to not enjoy the few last lovely days of spring before Florida descends into it’s longest season of the year “really hot”.

Because Urban Decay doesn’t feel like they get enough of my money already, they now offer these crazy beautiful lip top coats.

This delicious skillet meal is pretty much custom made for indulgent Sunday mornings in.

This stained glass artist retreat is absolutely gorgeous and I sort of want to become friends with this lady just so I can spend a weekend there.

Pressing flowers for DIY’s is something I haven’t tried in years, but I think it may make the DIY short list this spring.

I am a huge fan of Nectar & Stone and I just pre-ordered a copy of their first book I’m Just Here for Dessert.

Both of the bathrooms in my house came with larger sheet mirrors, I’ve always hated them and have been on the look out for  framed mirrors to replace them with for the last year or so. After seeing this bathroom remodel, I am thinking about keeping the one in the guest bathroom and maybe investing the mirror money into a new light fixture instead.

I am such a 90’s kid and almost every single thing on this list cause a second or two of nostalgic flashback.


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Friday Link Love

It’s the weekend before my birthday!!! I am so excited to kick off my week of birthday-tastic shenanigans. And actually since my birthday is on a Wednesday, I think it’s only right that we celebrate both this weekend and next weekend. Just for the sake of symmetry. Tomorrow I am heading to Jacksonville with a friend to do a little shopping (maybe find a birthday dress or something) and maybe pick up a treat or two to bring back to Tallahassee with me. Who knows what the day may bring? I am also considering getting a tiara for the day of. Too much? I am waffling a bit, anyone who knows me won’t be surprised, but maybe not the most appropriate item for the work place because if I get one, I am wearing it all day. Gotta go big or go home. Here are a few links to help you kick off this lovely weekend.

How pretty are these free floral wallpapers for your desktop?

Although these flats are a little “cutsier” than I usually go I think they are a lot of fun and great for this season.

Tips for throwing a budget friendly party, I thought a few of these were a little odd; what do you guys think?

I’ve been in a bit of a nesting phase lately, and I’d really like to get some artwork for the house. I’d really love one of these Ashley Woodsen Bailey images, but unfortunately, the size I want isn’t really in the budget right now.

I was recently introduced to these Stila liquid eye shadows and now I am hooked. I went to my local ULTA, but they were out of the two colors I really wanted, but I am heading to Jacksonville tomorrow and I am hoping that I am more successful there.

These vegetarian recipes are pretty perfect for the impending warmer weather.

As a blogger who sometime shares recipes and not always with the best pictures, I appreciated the honesty of this article on what it’s really like to be a food blogger.

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Friday Link Love

I am not entirely sure how I feel about this past week. It’s was busy, at times intense, but it wasn’t a bad week. Other than being a bit tired, I would even go as far as to say that this has been a pretty good week. Either way I am still ready for the weekend and the bliss that comes from two uninterrupted days away from the office. I am finding myself not entirely sure what to do with my days off though, I’d like to be productive, but how and how much is very much in debate at this point. I have the chance to knock a last item or two from my 30 before 31, but then again, I could also just bake and get ready for the new week. Man, do I sound old and boring.  We’ll see; I am a little disappointed that I didn’t knock as many things off my list as I’d hoped, so that might end up being the push I need to structure my weekend. What do you have planned?

I need this gorgeous iridescent vegan bag in my life.

This string garden looks like a really fun way to kick off spring.

To be completely honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of a lot of the accessories trends debuted during fashion month, but I could definitely get behind these ear pieces.

Gift boxes are always fun to receive, and I am thinking about sending this one to some of my long distance friends with impending birthdays.

Grilled cheese is almost always a good idea; I am thinking about trying this one out this weekend.

Who cares about age appropriate, I think this would be an amazing theme for the next time I have the girls over for brunch.

It’s important to realize that it is okay to be not okay.

I’ve been thinking about purchasing an air fryer, this review has me leaning a little more towards “yes”, but then again I’d also like to be able to fry fresh things as well as frozen so we’ll see.



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Friday Link Love

Happy Friday, folks! It has been a roller coaster of a week on this end. A bit of it was getting back into the groove of things after my Savannah weekend, then I got inexplicably sick on Tuesday, but Wednesday found me back at the office hustling to get my work for the week caught up and out. Needless to say, I am a little relieved for the weekend to be here. Our plans are a bit up in the air at the moment, but I am hoping to sneak in a little down time in the midst of catching up on all of the things I let slide so I could go out of town last weekend. Fortunately, the weather looks like it is going to be really nice so at least I won’t be running through puddles or trying to avoid getting sunburned walking from my car to the grocery store. *fingers crossed*

The oral history of one of my all time favorite shows, Daria.

Wishing I could add this brownie pan to my baking arsenal.

If you’re feeling ambitious this weekend, a tutorial for making your own blooming marshmallows for hot chocolate.

Tallahassee is pretty much covered in pink and white (and pollen) now that spring is upon us. I think this free printable wrapping paper is a perfect complement to what is going on outside.

I would have loved to be in this bloggers shoes; how could you say no to those sweet faces?!

Somewhere in the depths of our storage closet lives a juicer, I haven’t felt the need to look for it in year, but this recipe has me thinking it might be time.

This gorgeous lady proves you can be sexy at any age.(maybe don’t click on this one while you’re at the office)