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Friday Link Love

It has been a roller coaster of a week. Sure, there have been plenty of things going on at work and at home, but emotionally I’ve been all over the place, and I can’t seem to put my finger on why. Also, I don’t seem to be having much luck at controlling it, so I’ve just been giving everyone a heads up when it seems to be heading for a downward swing. Andy and I spent most of yesterday evening laughing helplessly over how everything, and I do mean everything, was disproportionately annoying me. Kitty snuggles and some delicious Cuban food went a long way towards improving my mood. This weekend I am looking forward to spending time with a couple of my friends and cleaning like a mad woman before my in-laws arrive next week. I’d like to get as much done as I can since I don’t think I am going to have a ton of time once the work week starts. Here are some links to help you kick off your weekend.

Valentine’s Day is past, but I am still loving this heart inspired DIY.

This woman makes jewelry from old family letters. So cool.

I very much want to try my hand at making this Chocolate Raspberry Zebra Cake.

While I am all for the power of a positive mindset, there is some to be said for the Healing Power of Complaining.

Living in a castle surround by flowers and arts supplies? This is a real life fairy tale.

Speaking of fairy tales, I would be over the moon to get the chance to take a trip like this. My princess dresses would be packed before they even finished telling me about the offer.

This shirt is a frank reference to a life long condition of mine. Too much for casual Friday?

As someone who is still fairly new to wearing a full face of makeup on the daily, I really enjoyed this tutorial on incorporating a pop of color in a way that is still refined.

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Friday Link Love

And the first full week in February draws to a close. The last two weeks have been pretty busy, in a good way, and as far as I can tell, there isn’t an end in sight. I am going to try to carve out some down time for myself this weekend. Try to do a little house work, maybe even take a nap. I feel like the poor cats have only caught glimpses of me as I am running in to change and then back out for the next round. For most cats this wouldn’t be an issue; my cats however are spoiled and neurotic, so I am going to have to make sure that they get some of the designated “down time”. Also, if you missed it, we had our very first guest post of 2017 yesterday, you can check it out here. Happy Weekend!

Tulle on earrings? Some said weird, I say yes please!

Both this floral infused party and this low key brunch would both be wonderful ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

And speaking of brunch, these chocolate waffles would be enough to brighten anyone’s morning.

Also, this Valentine’s playlist would be a fun addition.

You could even whip up one of these floral napkin rings to really take things over the top.

This sleep shirt speaks the truth.

For some pretty pastel inspiration, check out this instagram page full of amazing bakes.

I sort of wish I hadn’t already gotten Andy’s Valentine’s gift, because I could have gotten these boxers for him then.

Then there is also this DIY truffle kit; maybe buy it and use it for a date night in instead of Valentine’s Day?



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Friday Link Love

Weekend Weekend Weekend! Guys, it’s Friday, and I’m so relieved I’m almost giddy. I am ready to not be at the office and keep my adulting to a minimum. I may even decide to declare it a stretchy pants only weekend. We’ll see, it might be cold tomorrow, and I am planning on being outside so…maybe not my best idea, but other than that? I don’t see any issues.

I want to take a moment out of my end of the week gaiety to say something on a topic I don’t often address in this space. There has been a lot of disappointing things happening in our country in the last few weeks. Regardless on what side of the political spectrum you choose to be on, I just want to encourage you to be open minded and kind to the people in your community. Diversity is what makes life interesting, and no one should be persecuted for a single facet of their being. So reach out, be supportive, and if you’re unhappy with the way things are looking, don’t just complain, do something (however small) to make a difference. For better or worse, we’re all in this together.

I was really late to the beauty blender trend, but after years of applying the majority of my cosmetics with my fingers, I do have to admit that it does make a difference. Now make up mavens are shaking things up again with this new silicone beauty blender. It has glitter guys, we all know I am going to buy one.

Thinking of throwing a Galentine’s Day party? Check out this post on how to throw a kick ass celebration using only items from the dollar store and a little DIY love.

Also, I think this could be a great craft for the aforementioned Galentine’s Day party.

This soup this weekend! And I love that there were veggie friendly conversion options!

As we all know, I am a big fan of lists, and I think this one with 28 things you should do in February has some pretty good ideas.

As I am still on the search for the perfect “me” perfume, I am considering giving a few of the all natural bands a try.

I want all of these! My UD addiction seems to be worsening…


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Friday Link Love

Hello friends, it’s Friday! For me it is an enthusiastic and slightly geeky Fri-yay! This has been a very busy week, and I am so ready to go home, kick off my sparkle sneakers, and relax. I might even kick Andy off the Xbox and do a little gaming of my own. And by gaming, I mean running around Skyrim picking flowers and yelling “why are you making me kill you!” as I get attacked by the various wild beasts that populate the game’s landscape. The first time I played through I tried not to hurt anything, but there really isn’t a way to avoid it completely. I do try to run away first if I can. And yes, I do know they’re not real, but I cried when watching “How to Train Your Dragon” because the vikings were mean to Toothless and he reminded me of my cat Stanley. I’m not making this up. Here are some links to help you kick off your weekend.

If you feel the need for something sparkly, you should stop by Bauble Bar this weekend. They are offering an additional 20% off all of their sale items.

There have been a lot of walks and protest as of late, and regardless of which side you come down on, you have to smile at this gentleman’s choice of protest accessories.

Loving this Girls Night In idea. Now all I need is some of that cold weather Florida has been sorely lacking this winter.

Conversely, there is now a scientific approach on how to have the best night out.

Over there years I have been a pretty big fan of witch-y TV shows and movies, so it’s interesting to see in this article how these fictitious characters actually measure up to modern day “witchcraft”.

By the end of tax season, I know I am going to need a trip to some place like this amazing tree house retreat.

Natural ways to treat what ails you.


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Friday Link Love

Dear friends, I have to be honest. I am dragging a bit on this sunny Florida Friday. While there have been plenty of weeks where I’ve been busy and feel like a champ sprinting across the metaphorical finish line, this week I am petulantly dragging myself towards the weekend. Fortunately, the universe has deigned to shine on me a bit, Andy’s brother and his girlfriend are flying in from the icy land of Chicago to spend the weekend with us, and we haven’t been able to see them since Christmas of 2015. They always have big plans and are keen to hit up cool local spots. It can be fun to play “tourist” in your home town from time to time, you never know what you might accidentally discover. What’s on your deck for this weekend?

Even though I ultimately ended up with a traditional(ish) diamond, I gave some serious thought to picking a non-diamond engagement ring.

We do eggs in a basket for brinner pretty regularly around our house, but I have to say this adaptation looks even better than the original. I have it saved for the next time we’re feeling brinner-ish.

Paper bird sculptures? Sounds weird I know, but it’s actually pretty awesome.

I have been getting more into make up and beauty routines in the last two years, but I have to admit that I raised a brow (pun intended) when I heard about Microblading. Have any of you tried it? Known someone who tried it?

Right now I am cursing my chubby upper arms because I really want this adorable embroidered moto jacket.

As always, I am a sucker for a quick and easy DIY, and I am kinda loving this DIY slip dress. I wore them a lot in the 90’s, and I’d love to add a few to my current wardrobe.

I’d also like to add this stripey dress to my post winter wardrobe.

My husband sent this to me earlier this week, and it is my new favorite comic.


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