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Things That I Hate (Okay, Strongly Dislike)


If social media has taught us anything, it would be that people often have very strong feelings about things. Sometimes it’s the “big” things like politics or religion, and sometimes it’s something incredibly inane. One of the funniest rants I ever heard actually came from my husband about how he hates Tuesdays. So on my husbands least favorite day, I have decided to share with you a few of the ridiculous things that I “hate”.

  • The word moist, unless it is being used to describe a piece of cake (and even then), has no positive connotations for me. It brings to mind images of sweaty palms and damp moldy places (shudder).
  • The girly simpering shit storm that is going on about the movie Me Before You. (Spoiler Alert). I have heard all of the “pro” arguments for this movie, and for me, it comes down to this: he loves her, but not enough to set aside his epic self pity party. He doesn’t want to live life the “way” he is; he doesn’t want to “burden” her with his existence? Seriously, guy? What about the thousands of disabled people in this world? Do they not deserve a full life? To find love and be with someone “normal”? Plus, he is crazy rich; he could have a fleet of care givers giving him piggy back rides down hiking trails or mountain climbing or whatever adventure the two of them want. Just saying.
  • Leggings. For the love of cupcakes, people, leggings are NOT pants. Yes, they cover your legs, but anything thin enough to show your butt dimples or the color of your panties should be worn with another article of clothing that can cover, at the very least, your butt. Also, just because you can wear something doesn’t mean you should. I can fit my thunder thighs into a pair of XS leggings with obscene amount of wiggling and some heavy breathing, but when a garment is stretched to the point of being translucent, you should go ahead and give it a pass.
  • On the subject of clothing, I have recently discovered a deep and abiding hatred for short shorts. I think women should be able to wear whatever they want, but I don’t want to see someones ass checks hanging out the back of their shorts. Plus, I live in Florida where 95% of the population is always sweating and I don’t want to have to sit on a chair that recently played host to someones sweaty bare bottom and sometimes more than that. It seems that while it is okay having the bottom inch and a half of your bottom exposed, having your panties peaking out is absolutely mortifying. Short shorts + no underwear = far more than I wanted to see while enjoying lunch in the mall food court.
  • Cilantro. The downside to my love of ethnic dining, since it inevitably shows up in most Latin and Indian dishes. I’ve tried, I really have, but to me, it tastes like lawn clippings and soap. We had to stop going to one of the Indian restaurants in town because I made the grave misstep of politely asking our waiter if he would please ask the chef to skip the large handful of cilantro they topped their dishes with. He gleefully topped off our plates with a double dose and then proceeded to lose the ability to speak the English he had so competently used for the last year and a half of our visits. Turns out we weren’t the only patrons he had issues with and last time we went in he had been reassigned to the hostess stand.


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Mermaid Wish List

Summer weather and the accompanying beach trips always take me back to when I was younger I wanted to badly to grow up and be a mermaid. I may have falling a bit short of the mark, I mean my hair is barely long enough to necessitate a dinglehopper, I prefer Victoria Secret Bombshells to sea shells and I still haven’t figured out how to breathe underwater. My shortcomings aside I do like to pick up the occasional thematically appropriate item (like the OPI Mermaid to Order polish). In honor of that, I give you my summer mermaid wish list!


  1. Let’s be Mermaids Tank Top
  2. Skinnydip Shell Bag
  3. Too Faced LA Creme Lipstick in Unicorn Tears
  4. Crown & Glory Mermaid Headband
  5. Silver Shell Ring
  6. Julep Polish in Aquarius
  7. Mermaid Tail Tights
  8. Skinnydip Mermaid Tears Box Bag
  9. I’m Really a Mermaid Tank

What is your summer wish list looking like?

Saying Goodbye to the Holidays

Saying Goodbye

I think the beginning of January can be one of the saddest times of the year. The holidays are over, you’re several pounds heavier (probably), and life slows back down into the mind numbing repetition of work, home, and sleep. I spent a lot of yesterday contemplating this as I packed away the last of the Christmas decorations and gazed around my barren living room. My husband even noticed the difference; he commented on how empty things looked, which was a little freaky because he said it literally at the same moment I was thinking it. He does that sometimes; he’s either a mind reader or we’re only a few anniversaries away from being that couple who always filters the world through the “we” (i.e. we like the take out from this place best; we are going to read that book this month). We’ll have to come up with some sort of cutesie melding of our names – perhaps Jandy or Andyanna, I’ll work on it and report back to you later.

The other side of this time of year is the “new beginnings”. All of the resolutions and blank canvases to be made and filled. I usually feel a bit smug because I don’t do any of that until my birthday in March, but there is also the “Shit, I only have 3 months to cross things off my list!” The mental beginning of the end. This year those feelings are intensified by a certain amount of discomfort, dare I say anxiety about the impending close of my 20’s. It has been an intense decade, and the view from the other side isn’t quite what I expected it to be. Good thing I have that extra 3 months to get ready, huh?

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The Best of 2015

Me 1

While I am not going to start worrying about my yearly resolutions until I turn 30 in March, I like to take this time of year and think about what an incredible and busy year 2015 has been. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Participating my very first Color Run – it ended up being even more fun than I’d hoped, and I would really like to do it again next year. Probably with fairy wings and a tutu, you know, for funsies.
  • Spending a long weekend with the Lubattis – Great food, cold weather, lots of laughter, some of my favorite people, and getting to play auntie to two adorable girls? It doesn’t get much better than that.


  • Attending the 3rd annual Maiedae Mixer – Sometimes the task of maintaining your blog can get a bit daunting, and there is nothing like spending an evening playing dress up and interacting with other creatives to get things back on track.
  • Going apple picking – it was muddy, and I quickly discovered that flip flops are a poor choice in footwear, but the orchard was beautiful and I felt so amazingly proud later when I made apple butter from apples I had hand picked.
  • Getting my braces off – After 3+ years, I am so happy have them gone. No more cutting the inside of my mouth, no more tiny rubber bands littering the inside of my purse, and no more spending 20 minutes after I eat pulling things out of my braces. And I can have granola again.


  • Taking a silk dying class – silk dying is something I’ve always be curious about. There are some truly spectacular techniques out there and while this class was for basic beginners, it was enough to make me want to take more advanced courses and maybe invest in some supplies of my own.
  • Dying my hair pink – now this one is a little sneaky sneaky. I work for a fairly conservative company, and while they are “okay” with my piercings and tattoos that is pretty much where the indulgence in my alternative wardrobe choices ends. So I have been slowly transitioning my hair color from a natural-ish red to fuchsia. We are three months into the process now and things are definitely on the more pink end of the spectrum and no one has really caught on.


  • Discovering the miracle of acupuncture – after all of my health issues earlier this year, I was desperate to find something that would allow me to resume some semblance of a “normal” life. The addition of acupuncture to my weekly routine has been a huge help getting things back on track.
  • Quality time with my mom – I was lucky enough to have my mom come and stay with me for several longer visits this year. Since I live in the “big city”, I like to introduce my mom to things she doesn’t usually encounter in the mountains of NC. This year we added a hibachi restaurant, gel manicures, and spa facials to her list of “first tries”. It’s almost more fun than trying something new myself.



Getting Ready for Christmas

Sometimes it seems like the weeks leading up to Christmas are actually more fun than the day itself. There is always so much to do to “get ready” gifts to be bought, lights to be strung, cookies to be baked – not to mention all of the pre-celebrating that there is to do as well. This year my mom has been in town since Thanksgiving, so we have been indulging daily in holiday themed activities and shenanigans. Here are a few of the moments I actually remembered to take pictures of.

Waiting in line at Grassroots coffee to get our first cup of holiday hot chocolate, my mom took it one step even further and added a shot of peppermint. C10
That’s right I am wearing flip flops; we Floridians are donning our holiday sweaters with flip flops as the thermostat hovers in the high seventies.C9
Not my car, but my mom used it to bring up yet again that she thinks I need to add something festive to my auto décor. Reindeer antlers perhaps, maybe a strand of lights in the back window. Sorry, mom – the answer is still no.C7Craft day! I had a few friends, over and we laughed, singed ourselves with glue gun, and created some pretty snazzy vases and sleighs made from candy and ribbon.C8
My sweet old man sleeping peacefully under the tree; he may be grumpy and needy, but I love him so very muchC5 C4
My mom wove faux poinsettias around the cats’ wicker basket, and it is now the place to sleep and look haughty.C6
The Christmas tree, the greatest cat toy ever. We now have two water bottles sitting on the coffee table to keep the tree maiming to a minimum.C1Not everyone is as excited about Christmas as I am. Oliver is quite over all the fun toys he isn’t allowed to play with, the rearranging of his furniture, and mommy doing things that aren’t scratching his ears or snuggling him. He has taken to sitting in the middle of whatever I am working on and glaring at me. It’s really cute.