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Spreading You Wings: Shovava

One of the things that I think is important to know about me is that while I may be pushing 30, I am still very much in touch with my inner child. She is loud, opinionated, and, boy, does she like pretty things. Right now she is doing her best to convince me that it is absolutely imperative that we own one of the beautiful scarves from the Etsy shop Shovava. It’s becoming a problem because I know she isn’t going to be happy with just one.

Shovava 8 Shovava 9 Shovava 5 Shovava 4 Shovava 10 Shovava 2Shovava 11 Shovava 3 Shovava 6 Shovava 7 Shovava 12

Flowers, feathers, birds, so intricate and ethereal. I follow their Instagram, and I love, love, LOVE seeing their photo stories. If I don’t have one by December, it’ll probably be somewhere at the tippy top of my Christmas list.


All images are from the Shovava Instagram page.

Flowers & Glitter

A couple of weeks ago I did a feature on this amazing baker. How super cool she was and how I wanted to be able to decorate cakes just like she did. Some serious fan girl gushing. Well now I’ve found an additional source of inspiration, UK based company Cake of Dreams. The décor and styling is a bit more rustic, but the elements that I like are all there.

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Cake4 Cake13

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 I actually did sit there with both galleries and go “hmmm, why do I like these so much?” It comes down to: flowers, glitter, fruit. The other elements like the shattered chocolate pieces on the first post, the animals and insects on the second, and meringue puffs on both are cool, but not what “makes” the cake for me. I know, glitter and flowers, shocking right? You guys didn’t see that coming at all. I am hoping to try a few of these ideas out when my mom is in town in August. She is a amazing kitchen helper, and she knows how to calm me down when we start to reach epic meltdown mode. I am almost 30, but I still have a hard time when I don’t feel like I am initially “good” at something. God forbid right? Completely realistic to shoot from beginner to kitchen wizard on the first try.


Artist Isabelle Chapuis teamed up with Duy Anh Nhan Duc to collaborate on a series of flower enhanced portraits. The first being”Dandelion” and the second called “Etamine”. The artists have some really beautiful philosophies and ideas that lead to the gorgeous images below, and you can read all about it in the original article and see more of portraits on Issabelle’s website, but I want to take a step back and tell you what my first thought was when I saw these images.

As soon as I opened the article, I had a flash back to a much younger me, hunting around my backyard for the ever present dandelion weeds. We weren’t really sod or landscaping people; we kept the grass mowed…most of the time, but that was it. I remembered the delight I felt when I would find a stalk with its downy head still intact, how I would close my eyes tight, puff out my cheeks, and blow the seeds into the air, allowing the breeze to carry my wishes to far away lands. I looked at these photos, and all I could think was “they’re covered in wishes“: some still holding their possibilities tight, and others spent and covering the subjects in a veil of hoping and dreaming.

Dan 2 Dan 6 Dan 5 Dan 4 Dan 3 Dan 7 Dan 8

A little silly, right? But with all of the dandelions used for this project, you know someone had to have tucked a fervent little wish into at least one of the hundreds of seed pods.

All images from

I Want This Woman To Be My Baking Obi Wan

If you read last week’s link love, you probably saw the link to this Unicorn Strawberry Cake. I liked the cake so much I couldn’t stop pulling the link back up for “just one more look”. Then I decided I had to find out more about the baker who inspired this creation, Katherine Sabbath. A few short minutes later I was clicking around in her Instagram feed, and now I am obsessed with her incredible confections. I even created a Pinterest Board.

KS1 KS2 KS15 KS8 KS10KS13KS4 KS5 KS3  KS11 KS9 KS14KS12 KS6

Lots of pictures, right? The sad thing is that this is me cutting way back on all the things I wanted to share with you guys. I want to meet this one, I want to learn how to do even the tiniest bit of what she can do. I want her to be my baking Obi Wan Kenobi. I should probably start stocking up on sprinkles now…

Broken & Beautiful

In May, florist Lisa Waud filled an abandoned Detroit home with 4000 flowers over 48 hours, creating an installation that was both wistfully beautiful and heartbreakingly fragil. Drawing inspiration from the 2012 Dior show outside of Paris and the wrapped Pont Neuf bridge in Paris by Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Waud put her plan into motion by purchasing two abandon properties for $500, one to use for the May preview and one for a larger installation piece to be completed in October. Here are some amazing shots of the preview.

Flowers 10 Flowers 2 Flowers 1 Flowers 4 Flowers 5 Flowers 6 Flowers 7 Flowers 11 Flowers 12 Flowers 9 Flowers 8 Flowers 13 Flowers 3

The full installation, to be unveiled in October, will include over 100,000 blooms. I can only imagine how breathtaking it will be. One of the things I love most about this project is the long term plan for the home; after the final event the structures will be dismantled, recycled, and the space used to grow flowers.

This piece really touched my heart. I feel like our homes can become part of our families. Their walls protect us, and their roofs shelter us. They give us a safe space to live our lives, and it makes me so sad to see them abandoned and unloved. It’s like the artist and her assistants are giving these structures one last hurrah, allowing them to go out being part of something beautiful and special, and when the curtain falls, their pieces are going to be used to create new stories. Not a bad way to go out.


Images from here.