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Sometimes you need pretty shoes

I once read that if you have to get dressed everyday you might as well have fun doing it. Unfortunately, many of us find ourselves in work environments that don’t support creative dressing. Since I was 14, I have worked in fairly conservative offices, so I’ve learned some tricks for dressing that allow me to express myself without having to incur the wrath of HR. One of those tricks is shoes. Shoes spend most of their time hiding under your desk, and they are one of the last things people look at when you are talking to them. So as long as you don’t go completely crazy, you can usually work fun footwear into your work wardrobe. Being 5’10” I forgo heels mostly in favor of ballet flats.


Gemma Feather Print Flats – JCrew, Luna Ballet Flat – DSW, Tunedup Flats – Nine West, Mugara Ballet Flat – Amazon, SB Ever – Zappos, Mandalaye Flats – Dillards

These are six of the pairs I am currently coveting. Since I wear my flats most days, I tend to go through them pretty quickly, even if I have several pairs in rotation. So I am almost always on the look out for my next pair. If you are starting your collection from scratch, it’s always a good idea to look at your wardrobe and think about the colors you wear the most. For me, I wear a lot of blacks and jewel tones so I tend to lean towards embellished black and/or metallic shoes. It also helps you decide how to get the most for your money. I always invest a little more in my black shoes because I know they will get the most wear. If you already have some good basics, don’t be afraid to throw in a pattern or texture. Shoes are fun, and you’d be surprised at what a difference a great pair can do to your confidence.

Merry Meet and Happy Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone! Tonight we celebrate the longest night of the year and the impending return of the sun. Also known as Yule, this day is celebrated with fire, evergreens, and warm beverages. While Christmas is the big day in our house, I still like to nod towards the ancient pagan roots that we steal many of our modern holiday traditions from. This year, Andy and I are going to hang bird seed ornaments and a ball of organic cotton (for nest making) in our backyard, light a few candles, and sip some delicious wassail we conveniently found at Trader Joes. Initially, I wanted to host a big dinner for my friends, but the holiday fates have decided that cooking three Christmas dinners and hosting a Christmas Eve shindig will be enough celebrating for this year. Next year, this beautiful Solstice Celebration by Food by Mars is exactly what I would love to do.

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetYou can click on the links above or below to see their full post. Along with recipes for home made small plates and mulled wine, you’ll find festive party recommendations like DIY evergreen wreaths to wear and deck the halls with.

Good Night Moon

When I was in college, my friends and I used to drive just outside the city to an area called the greenway. We always went at night, and we’d spread out quilts on the ground and just lay there talking, sipping hot chocolate and looking at the stars. I remember laying there listening to the breeze ruffling the long grass, feeling the tip of my nose go numb, and literally seeing our words suspended above us as the stars twinkled and the moon hung ripe and full overhead. It’s one of my favorite college memories, and  when I saw these beautiful Luna Lamps, it took me back in time.

Moon 3 Moon 6 Moon 2 Moon 1 Moon 4 Moon 5

Aside from making me nostalgic, I thought these lamps would be really cool for kid’s rooms. Personally, I’d like a larger one for the living room and a small one for the guest bathroom. We have a lot of family and friends who like to come up for mini vacations and it would make navigating around an unfamiliar house in the dark much easier.


All images from here.

Tea Spirits

The other night I was enjoying an epic evening of Pinterest and Netflix, when I stumbled upon an image of a Horse/Tree hybrid entitled “Earl Grey”. Intrigued, I plugged the artist name into Google and discovered the image was part of a long running illustration series entitled Tea Spirits by Los Angeles based artist Heather Penn. I love tea. I’ve been drinking it since I was old enough to have tea parties with my mom, and it’s a key ingredient to my recipe for the perfect afternoon. In a world where coffee beverages seem to rule the hierarchy of beverages, it was really interesting to find someone who not only clearly had a love for tea but loved it enough to wonder what type of animal it would be and take the time to illustrate it.

Earl Grey

Tea 1


Tea 3

Dragon Oolong

Tea 5


Tea 6

Strawberry Green

Tea 4

Bai Mudan

Tea 2

English Breakfast

Tea 7

You can find these prints and more on the artist’s INPRNT page. I am thinking about purchasing one or two for my kitchen. I can see them framed, next to the microwave where we keep a large part of our tea stash. A playful addition to the process of flavor selection, Earl Grey or Strawberry Green?


All images are from the artist’s INPRNT page.

I have a small shoe problem

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved shoes. It started with glass slippers (jelly shoes) and ballet dance shoes, and I’ve never gotten over them. Even when I went through my “I hate my body; I’ll only wear baggy clothes” adolescent phase, I still adored cute footwear, if anything probably a bit more because most days they were the only thing I put on that made me feel pretty.  Now that I am an adult, maturity-wise a bit debatable, but the math lines up, I have cultivate quite a collection of shoes. I even have to seperate storage locations. A huge storage cube in the front hall for the every day flats and sandals (Andy uses this area, too) and a rack in my walk in for the “special occasion” or more expensive pairs. As you might have guessed, I am never not in the market for a cute pair at the right price. Enter the deal on Goby shoes on this week. Artsy, funky, and all sorts of quirky. I could do some massive damage to my bank account if I wasn’t careful.

Goby 4 Goby 1 Goby 6 Goby 3 Goby 8 Goby 5 Goby 9 Goby 2 Goby 7

Since I can’t be trusted to be completely rational when it comes to shoes, Andy and I have come up with a pretty good trick to make sure that I really, REALLY, truly want what I am buying. If I find something I like, I have to walk away for at least 24 hours and, if I remember that I want them or if I want them badly enough to go back for them, then we consider making the investment. Not 100% fool proof, but it has cut down seriously on my impulse buying and has the added benefit of helping me work towards having a wardrobe vs. having stacks of random shoes and garments that don’t work together.


All images from Zulily.