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Gnome Party!

This post is inspired by my bestie since kindergarten, Stefanie. She loves gnomes and has a small of collection of lawn gnomes that have graced any front yard she has ever had. When I saw this Gnome Themed Birthday Party I just knew that I had to share it with her, and you guys of course (in case there are any closeted gnome fans amongst you).

Gnome 7

Gnome 9.1

Gnome  2

Gnome 5

Gnome 8

Gnome  3

Gnome 4

Gnome 1

Gnome 9.2

Gnome 11

Gnome 9.3

Gnome 9

While this may have been a party for a four year old, I think it could still be adult appropriate. I’m 27 and I would have loved to be a guest.

All images from 100 Layer Cake.

Better Than the Posters from College

My freshman year of college read a book called The Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Decorum. It’s a modern take on etiquette and offers helpful hints on everything from how to build a professional wardrobe on a budget to navigating a myriad of complex social situations. I’m not going to say that I agree with everything the book said, but it helped me with the transition from very small town life to college in the “big city”. I say that tongue and cheek now, but 7 years ago Tallahassee seemed huge to me.

Now days, I use it more as a reference guide when i’m trying to wrap my head around one thing or another. Most recently i’ve been thinking about the chapters on the transition from college student to adult, more specifically how to create a well rounded and more sophisticated living space. One of the recommendations was to get ride of dorm room decor like posters, or magazine collages (in my extremely broke, but resourceful case); and purchasing original artwork or more substantial reproductions. Enter UK based company Surface View.

Surface View has a extensive collection of traditional and modern artwork that can be integrated in your household in a variety of ways.  Murals, wall stickers, tiles and prints of your favorite artwork can be purchased for a fairly decent price and will provide visual interest for your new place. I may want a mural….and one of the tile installations for the bathroom….and maybe a some wall stickers.

Images from here.

Fancy Schmanchy Tablescapes

Andy and I are having a Pre-Thanksgiving Shindig with some of our local friends this weekend. We all still travel to spend the big holidays with our respective families, but were sort of bummed that we never get to hang out with one another to celebrate. Also, it was the perfect excuse to watch movies, make hand print turkeys and drink sangria. Since Andy and I are hosting I figured I should make some effort with regards to decorations. I had no idea how seriously some people take their Thanksgiving tables. I was clicking around the Southern Living website and I discovered Tablescapes. Here are a few of my favorites:

Natural Thanksgiving Tablescape


Dramatic Thanksgiving Tablescape


Sparkling Thanksgiving Tablescape


Simple Thanksgiving Table Setting

This last one is just a “table setting”. I guess it isn’t fancy enough to be a tablescape? I thought I was doing good buying themed disposable plates and silverware. I mean these tables are nice and all, but who wants to cook and decorate all day then spend the rest of the evening cleaning up? Plus knowing me, my husband and our five cats something expensive would get broken for sure. Maybe this is one of those things I need to be a little older to appreciate? We’ll see……


A Girly Girl

I am have the toughest time trying to decide how to decorate the new house. For a while it was full speed ahead. Wall color, furniture, whatever, I knew exactly what I wanted. Now that I am getting into the more specific design elements like artwork, window treatments, room accents, I can’t seem to find my rhythm.  Every place i’ve lived has be decorated differently. One place I painted the walls a vibrant green and then painted abstract cherry blossom trees in black and white. Another was all stormy grays and blues with Degas and Monet framed posters. But this house, my house is tripping me up.  I know at least part of the decorating block is because I really want to make sure that whatever I end up choosing, Andy likes it too.

So for now our walls are bare and shelves empty.  And I flip through magazines and online archives searching for inspiration. Besides, I love getting an inside peak of people’s homes. You can tell a lot about someone based on how they decorate their living space. The things they display, colors they choose and trinkets they’ve collected. Haleigh, of Making Magique has a gorgeous apartment with pastels, gold accents and table top collections of pretty bits and baubs that she has collected over the years. Every time she posts new pictures, all I can think is, “Wow, this looks so much like a modern version of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Anotoinette.” Were I unwed, this apartment would be mine, oh yes, it would be mine. Because it’s pretty.

Find her original post and additional images here.

Gabriel Moreno

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with modern art. It seems like so many artists today have used the broadening definition of the classification of “art” to be lazy. I’ve been to exhibits where it takes longer to read the title than to comprehend the piece. Deep philosophical inference aside, sometimes a plain blue canvas is just a blue canvas, even if it’s 14 feet high. Just like a pile of dryer lint balls is just bird’s nest fodder even if you classify it as an “instillation”. But then again, sometimes you look at a piece, like these images by Gabriel Moreno and just looking at them is exhausting. When you think about the careful planing, the effort and skill it took to carefully create each piece, to precisely draw each line; I can’t even imagine what it must be like trying to wrap your mind around something like that. And they’re pretty.

Some disappointing art gallery visits aside, I do understand and wholeheartedly agree that art doesn’t have to be attractive or created in a traditional method to be good. For example, there was a grad student exhibit at FSU a few years ago, entitled “Pillow Talk”,that was truly amazing. The artist constructed a giant tree in his studio space and from the tree hung these odd amorphous plush shapes.  When you walked closer you realized that the the tree and it’s “fruit” were whispering.  We were in this huge warehouse type building, jammed with college students, visiting families and local artist all creating what could conservatively be defined as a roar, but around this piece everyone fell silent. We clustered in, intimately shoulder to shoulder with complete strangers, all of us trying to make out what the tree was saying. Now that’s good art.