Thinking Inside The Box: January Julep Unboxing

One of the things that I’d like to do here at Vylette this year is provide more regular posts, segments that you as the reader can rely on seeing every month. As you know, most of what I post is based on my whims, so we’ll see how this goes. One of the first things I knew I wanted to try out was subscription boxes. There are so many services out there, and it is really difficult to know which ones are worthy of your hard earned money and which ones are better off being passed up. To kick things off, I signed up for 3 months of each of the Julep Maven Box, the PopSugar Must Have Box and the Love With Food Box. First up this month is the Julep Maven Box.

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This month my haul included two nail polishes and a liquid liner pen.

Nail Polish in Christa (purple twilight liquid holographic) – the product description is pretty spot on, although, me being a tiny bit nitpick-y, I think it should be lavender not purple. There really is a difference, people, but I digress. I was a little worried about the consistency and all of the glitter -textured nails make me a bit twitchy-, but the polish went on very smoothly and stayed that way. You could even skip the clear top coat if you wanted. The color is a bit light compared to what I would normally choose for myself, but I think it’s pretty perfect for spring and the frosty element to the shift makes it fitting for winter as well.

Nail Polish in Paulina (Peacock duochrome) – I was completely floored to pull this color out of the box. It is almost the exact shade of Shenanigans, one of my all time favorite polishes. I bought it randomly two years ago, I don’t remember where, and the name of the brand is not on the packaging, so every time I use it I feel a little sad because the bottle is starting to get a little low and I can’t buy more. Now I don’t have to worry about that!

Fluid Eye Glider – Lately, I have found myself moving away from my beloved UD 24/7 liner and more into the liquid liner pens. This one reminded me a lot of the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner, which is currently my favorite. The color is a nice strong opaque black, and the pen tip provided a sharp clean fine line that is easy to build on. On the (slight) downside, I don’t usually go for black liner. Being so pale, it can look harsh and Goth very easily, but I like the pen enough that I’ll use it anyway.

Overall, this was a great way to start Thinking Inside the Box. I loved all of the items in my Julep box, and I will use them often. This hasn’t been the case with some of the makeup boxes I’ve tried in the past so my expectations were pretty low. So for me to be genuinely delighted with what I received was the perfect way to kick off the segment and to get me excited for the other boxes to come.

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