Friday Link Love


Are you guy ready for a fun filled weekend full of socially forced gestures of affection? Hmmm, sounds a little less romantic when I put it like that, huh? Andy and I are doing the bulk of our celebrating on Saturday; we’re going to go see the movie Deadpool and then go have Valentines Tea at the local tea shop. On the 14th, I am going to go to an early showing of How to be Single with a few of my girl friends, and then we’re going to grab lunch. I think the day will end in a truly Andy and Julie fashion with take out and Netflix on the couch surrounded by our cats. You know you’re jealous.

While probably not the best idea if you are going on a date date, these glitter lips are perfect for a Galentines Day outing.

Some fun ideas for doing Valentines gestures instead of giving gifts.

This floral heart DIY is perfect for Valentines day dinners or parties, and bonus, it’s relatively easy to put together.

This pretty pink champagne and dessert filled party seems like an excellent way to say “Happy Valentines Day”.

And if you’d rather go with a signature cocktail than champagne, this Beijos Cocktail would be an excellent option.

If pink isn’t your thing, this bright bold bash had me the moment I saw their tea pot centerpiece.

This beautiful feathered blush dress DIY is a fun way to dress for the holiday without having to cover yourself in hearts.

Or if hearts are your thing, you could make this Anti Conversation Heart Sweater.

If you’re interested in getting some flowers for you computer, these free floral backgrounds are a great option.

And last, but not least, free printables to spruce up your last minute purchases.

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