Last Minute Valentine’s Day DIY’s

I am horrible about gift giving holidays. I shop early, find the “perfect” gift, safely tuck it away and congratulate myself on my excellent taste and timing.  Fast forward a couple of weeks, oh wait, what is the adorable little trinket here? Oh, this would be perfect for…damn! And now I have the dilemma of  going with the previous “perfect” gift, that now seems so incredibly lame, or do I spend MORE money and buy the new gift? It’s a fifty fifty toss up on which argument wins, and I have gotten better now that budgeting is a little more important. All this being said, sometimes the cards are stacked against you and you really need that last minute save to make your loved one’s or your own holiday a little extra special. Here are some great ideas from some of my favorite blogs:

The Sweetest Occasion: I heart you printables!

How About Orange: 3-D Heart Garland

Creature Comforts: Cupid’s Arrows

The Purl Bee: Felt Candy Hearts

This is the BIG weekend for the house, we have painters, movers, delivery men and hopefully cable guys scheduled to work their magic. I have a lot of things I am hoping to post about in the next few days, namely the long awaited wedding photos and new house pictures!

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