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Hello, friends! For me, this week has mostly been about getting back in the swing of things. I am still a little tired after my trip, but things have been pretty chill at home and the office so it hasn’t really been an issue. I keep flipping through all of the pictures I took, and though it has only been a few day since I got back, it is already starting to feel like one of those hazy golden memories where you forget all of the things that went wrong and only the funny awesome moments remain. So far the weekend promises to be low key; I know we are meeting some friends to see the new Star Trek movie, and I have already put in my bid for brunch, but other than that, I think we’ll be sticking close to home and spending quality time with the fur babies. There may even be naps.

These cute printable placemats would be perfect for a summery ladies only brunch.

Not only are these meringues vegan, they are rainbow Lisa Frank perfection!

My dad’s side of the family has serious drink mixing game, a skill I am sorely lacking. However, the next time I am entertaining I will be stashing these wine slushie recipes around the kitchen and faking it.

Free coloring pages are an excellent way to laze around the house this weekend.

I am considering trying this all natural shower spray on my kitchen counters. I always want them to be clean when I am cooking or baking, but I hate the idea of toxic chemicals on the food prep area.

Find out what was the hottest food trend the year you were born; shout out to all of the other Wine Coolers from 86.

I’ll never stop loving flower crowns, but this mermaid crown trend is something I can absolutely get behind.

We all have those days but sometimes a little something can turn it all around. Here are 10 ways to fix a bad day.

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