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tempSweet beautiful Friday! After what has been a pretty crappy week, I finally feel like I can shake it all off and have a freeing moment of emotional exhale. We had to say goodbye to one of our beloved fur babies Monday, and it was without a doubt the worse Halloween in my entire life. Mr. Puff was Andy’s cat for a decade before I came along, and our house feels ridiculously empty without him, but we are trying to set that aside for the next few days. Andy and I are heading to Savannah for a long weekend, and it’s the first trip we’ve taken where it will be just the two of us in a very long time. Years even I think. We’re celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary (a little early but still) and staying at the B&B we honeymooned at. I am looking forward to exploring one of my favorite cities, lounging in the ginormous tub in our room, and reading in the most perfect chair/window nook I’ve ever encountered. Oh yeah, and sleeping in. With no diabetic cat that we have to feed and dose, we both get to sleep in. It’s going to be wonderful.

Beauty & the Beast is coming next spring and every time I get another glimpse of the movie I get that much more excited.

There are a couple of lipstick shades on this list that I cannot wait to get my hands on.

Normally I strongly dislike anything with dried fruit in it, but this recipe for Apple Pie Popcorn looks like it might be worth making the exception.

While I don’t think the new Starbucks cups are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, I am not having the same violent reaction that some people are. I think we should all take a moment and just breathe. Seriously guys it’s #JustACup.

I am considering making a small village of these to adorn the bookshelves in my work office.

This cropped velvet jacket really does need to come live at my house, but I am worried about losing the velvet vs. cat hair battle.

I’ve never actually tailgated before, but I am tucking this list of tips and tricks away on the off chance that some day I feel the need. It’s never bad to be prepared right?

Speaking of festive gatherings, another thing I’ve never done is go to a Pie Party. My limited experience with pie making means I usually end up using a bunch of inappropriate language and my kitchen inevitably ends up coated in flour, and I am not sure other people should have to be around when that all goes down.


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