Friday Link Love


I have to tell you guys, as exhausted as I am after this busy week, I am in such a great mood. I have a couple of friends coming over for a craft night this evening, and tomorrow Andy and I are heading to NC to visit with friends and family. There is going to be actual cold weather, I’ll even have to wear socks! Which means I’ll need to track down some…..oh well, one more load of laundry before packing our bags. In the next few days, I am hoping to cross a few items off of that Holiday To Do list I posted yesterday. Fingers crossed that the stars will align and we’ll be able to do and see everything and everybody we want. Happy weekend!

Don’t forget to register for the first Vylette giveaway of the season before the end of today!

How incredible does this french toast recipe look? Holiday brunch, anyone?

If you’re looking to update your holiday set up this Huanakkah, here are some modern menorah options to liven things up.

Haven’t done your holiday cards yet? No worries, here is a free printable option.

Also, some free printable gift tags for your holiday wrapping needs.

Ever wondered what the oldest restaurant in your state was? I’ve actually walked by Florida’s & Georgia’s many times, but I haven’t actually eaten at either place.

I love advent calendars of all shapes and sizes, and I’ve had fun creating a few of my own over the years. Here are some great DIYs to get you inspired.

Have to agree that bakers will find these videos oddly satisfying. Even amateur bakers like me 🙂

LOVE this cat lady gift guide.

Image from here.

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