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Hello friends, it’s Friday! For me it is an enthusiastic and slightly geeky Fri-yay! This has been a very busy week, and I am so ready to go home, kick off my sparkle sneakers, and relax. I might even kick Andy off the Xbox and do a little gaming of my own. And by gaming, I mean running around Skyrim picking flowers and yelling “why are you making me kill you!” as I get attacked by the various wild beasts that populate the game’s landscape. The first time I played through I tried not to hurt anything, but there really isn’t a way to avoid it completely. I do try to run away first if I can. And yes, I do know they’re not real, but I cried when watching “How to Train Your Dragon” because the vikings were mean to Toothless and he reminded me of my cat Stanley. I’m not making this up. Here are some links to help you kick off your weekend.

If you feel the need for something sparkly, you should stop by Bauble Bar this weekend. They are offering an additional 20% off all of their sale items.

There have been a lot of walks and protest as of late, and regardless of which side you come down on, you have to smile at this gentleman’s choice of protest accessories.

Loving this Girls Night In idea. Now all I need is some of that cold weather Florida has been sorely lacking this winter.

Conversely, there is now a scientific approach on how to have the best night out.

Over there years I have been a pretty big fan of witch-y TV shows and movies, so it’s interesting to see in this article how these fictitious characters actually measure up to modern day “witchcraft”.

By the end of tax season, I know I am going to need a trip to some place like this amazing tree house retreat.

Natural ways to treat what ails you.


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