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Aaaaaaaaaand, I am on the road to Savannah! I am meeting my college roommate Rebecca in one of my favorite places for a girls weekend. We are going to soak up some history, eat some incredible food, and try to pack as much fun into our two days as possible. I go to Savannah quite a bit, but it is always really interesting to me how different the experience is depending on the person I am traveling with. Fun fact, my very first trip to Savannah was with Rebecca, I was looking at going to SCAD for graduate school. While that didn’t happen, the spell was cast, and I haven’t been able to get enough of the place since. If you feel like following along in my journey, I’ll be posting on Instagram all throughout the trip. In the mean time, here are some links to help you kick off your weekend.

A diy that will make your outfit instantly look like you put in a lot more work. Plus, who doesn’t love vaguely princess-y shoes?

Fancy dessert for your next dinner party? Yes please!

Andy and I host family pretty regularly, and since we have a pretty large backyard, I’ve considered maybe putting a renovated trailer in the backyard for when we have a full house and need some extra space. Using this post for some inspiration.

Sunglasses season is going to be here any day now; here are some tips on getting the best shape to suit your face.

My inner Gilmore Girls fan is very much wanting this Luke’s diner shirt.

Home Ec exam from 1954, I passed, but barely. What did you get?

I have been considering trying my hand at making all natural cleaners for the house. This grapefruit recipe seems like a good place to start.



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