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Guys….imma keep it real, this week kind of sucked. I mean, good things happened -my mom made it safely to Tallahassee, and I made it through our work deadline without killing anyone-, but it’s been hard. Things didn’t go so well at the office; we got everything done, but everyone was bickering and crabby by the time we were finished. After months of feeling like “normal” health-wise, I am so tired I can barely do what needs to get done. I had to take a quick power nap on Wednesday and Thursday just so I could be “up for” dinner with Andy and my mom. I’m even mixing up my words again speaking and writing, which is something I haven’t had happen in over a year. Honestly, I am not even close to my best self right now. That being said, I am listing the things I have pending that should help get me back on track: more rest this weekend, dinner with friends, an intuitive painting class, and last but certainly not least, our impending Orlando vacation. Not a bad list, so keep your fingers crossed and send some positive vibes my way if you think about it, and hopefully things will be business as usual in no time.

After this incredibly stressful tax season, I am considering investing in one of these “creative” flask options before our next deadline.

This t-shirt appeals to me as a feminist and as a crazy cat lady.

Here are some beautiful free floral coloring pages to help you unwind for the weekend.

I know this is slated as a “kids” party, but these moody florals and muted pastels are perfect decor for parties for any age.

And if you need a little more floral inspiration, here are 25 gorgeous Instagram pages to follow.

This Lavender Earl Gray Blackberry Float seems like the perfect “special occasion” spring beverage. Hey, and it’s even vegan.

Am I the only one who loves a good burn? Obviously not, because someone at Buzzfeed wrote this article.

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