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I don’t talk about my day job a lot in this space because…well…it’s just a job. It isn’t a calling or a career. It’s something I do to contribute financially to our little family and help us afford to do the things. Without going to deeply into things, I found myself in a awkward position this morning. The receptionist for our building, which we share with another company, is out this week and I am covering for her. It has been a relatively smooth week, I’ve covered for her in the past, but this morning things got interesting. I’d been at the front for about an hour when one of the owners of the other company in the building comes to my desk to tell me that they’ve had some issues with a gentleman coming into one of their other offices looking for him. He has also apparently called this office multiple times and may be stopping by to try to force a meeting. I am supposed to hold the gentleman downstairs and notify his secretarial staff, and then they will decide whether or not to give this man the bush off because he seems as if he might be unstable. Umm, what?! Imma level with you guys real quick; they don’t pay me enough for this BS. There is a 90% chance that this will all blow over, but while I will play along for now if things go south, I am not willing to put myself in physical danger to stop someone from getting on the elevator. I will give them a warning as soon as that door closes, but seriously guys? So.. how is your Friday going?

I am having a serious case of design envy; if I had a bathroom this gorgeous, I’d refuse to leave the tub.

A friend of mine posted this tiara on my facebook wall and I can’t decide what I want to do more: buy it or make one of my own.

While I am loving my pinky purple hair, I am having to touch up the color a little more frequently, and my hair is getting a little unhealthy. Thinking about trying one of these natural conditioning treatments this weekend to give it a little TLC.

I have always been a fan of street art; I love it even more when it interacts with natural elements directly around it.

The idea of integrating tea breaks though out the day is intriguing, especially when the tea is selected for properties that are beneficial to your activity level or physical needs.

Wishing I had half the makeup skills of these amazing guys.

This instagram account is everything I’d love to be able to do with flat lays.

How cute is this free floral coloring page?



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