Happy Independence Day

I don’t usually get political in this space, but today has had me doing a lot of reflecting on our country and the problems we are facing. The last year has been rough, it seems like there isn’t a day that goes by without something in the headlines that makes me want to hang my head and cry or scream and throw something across the room. It’s hard to get out of bed and fight everyday when the outlook seems so bleak, but that’s what this country was founded on, people fighting for a better life. So instead of closing your browser, curling up in a depressed ball and saying “fuck it”. Do something, register to vote, educate yourself, and get ready for November. Fight for what you believe in, stand up for those who can’t protect themselves, and fight ignorance and intolerance by rising above petty squabbles and being a living example of what this country needs more of. The only way we really lose is if we stop trying.


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