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So I have a cube now….and I am a bit of loss about how to make it a bit less of a cube. There’s a lot of beige or grey or guess we can call it greige and fabric walls and some metal cabinets. I brought in a whole back pack full of stuff, and it barely made a a dent. It’s a rather large cube. So I did what any person in my position would do, I went to Pinterest. I got super lucky and found some great inspiration; one of my favorite pieces was and article by Buzzfeed 54 Ways to Make Your Cube Suck Less . It seems in the right alley. Now there were a lot of great ideas, but here are the 11 I liked the best.

1. A lift for your computer to avoid neck strain.2. Upgade your office supplies – I do love me some rose gold.3. A tray to keep things organized, although I think I might go for color over something metallic.4. A fancy desk calendar – I ordered this exact one.5. A bulletin board for memos, reminders and keepsakes. 6. A cool pillow for your desk chair, comfort and style.7. Coasters, a simple fix and one that actually made a big difference when my drinks were no longer sweating all over my new desk.8. Make your desktop background a work of art. Bonus – it’s free!9. This DIY chandelier, okay I can’t actually have this, but I think it would be amazing to work in a place that let you make and hang your very own chandelier. 
10. Patterned contact paper to spruce up those dingy file cabinets. 11. This last one is the one I’d like the most, but the one that has already been sadly been nixed.

I am also thinking a gallery wall might not be a bad idea to bring some color and excitement in. What do you guys think? Do you have any cube decorating recommendations of your own?

All images from Buzzfeed.

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