Emma McEvoy

I like fairytales, I like nature, and I can sometimes be a little dark, so it shouldn’t surprise you at all that when I found out about photographer Emma McEvoy I instantly fell in love with her moody ethereal images.

This was the photo that started it all – I was getting all sorts of Alice in Wonderland vibes, and I would LOVE to have a framed print of this in my house. I would also love that giant teacup, but I am fairly certain it’s the result of some clever photoshopping rather than an actual teacup. A girl can dream though.If I had to pick one of these images to re-create, I would be hard pressed to call one or the other my favorite. On the one hand, gorgeous gold/purple mermaid tail and a foggy beach; on the other, gorgeous gown on a stunningly placid lake.The other thing I really enjoyed about Emma’s work was the reverent way that she captured her animal subjects. They are regal creatures that might have normal proportions, but yet seem mythical and larger than life. 

Inspiring, haunting, and absolutely stunning.

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