Tiny But Mighty: The Kitten Lady

The internet is a funny thing: one minute you’re watching random YouTube videos; the next you’ve tumbled down a rabbit hole to a new obsession. I was mindlessly clicking around, and then I saw Rosalita. I saw this video by the Kitten Lady (Hannah Shaw) about her rescue. She was so tiny and in such a helpless situation; after watching her rescue, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I started following @kittenxlady on Instagram, and I checked in as often as I could to see what progress had been reported.

This is Rosalita now. She is fat, sassy, and, unfortunately, showing some small developmental issues, but that is part of the magic of the Kitten Lady. She knows kittens so well that she not only recognized that something was off, she is going to get this little cutie whatever help she needs AND will make sure that if there are any long term issues, that she will be adopted by a family that understand her needs and knows how to care for her.

The work that Hannah and her partner do isn’t limited to fostering and kitten care. They create informational videos and do lecture series on kitten care, TNR, and general cat facts. They help people better understand the tiny tigers we share our homes with and how to give them the best care possible.

Hannah used to be based out of DC, but now she has relocated to the west coast. One of the first things she did when she moved into her new home was build a fantastic kitten nursery complete with everything a kitten could need to play, grow, and flourish.

Her wonderful work doesn’t stop with her kittens – she also helps create winter shelters for some of the TNR cat colonies. I’ve read about some truly incredible females over the years, but the Kitten Lady and the work she does, strikes such a chord with me and has me feeling #goals so very much.

To find out more about this incredible woman and the work she does, you can check her out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or her Website.

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