Spring Wishlist

My home has seemed a bit lack luster since the holidays. We took all of the decorations down and… didn’t put anything else up. The mantle is bare; the shelves where I usually keep my unusual finds contain nothing but dust. Honestly, it’s kind of a bummer. I’ve sort of trained myself to look past it, but I was sitting in the living room this weekend, looking at the riot of color bursting forth in our backyard and thinking maybe it’s time to do something about it. Usually, I am a more is more kind of girl, but I have really been enjoying some of the more minimalistic decor – softer color pallets with clean natural accents. Here are some of the things on my current wishlist.

Glass TerrariumAnthropologie
Fern Wall MixWest Elm
Garden Party GarlandTerrain
Embroidered Cover H&M
Marina Adirondack ChairTarget
Carter Wall ShelfUrban Outfitters
Solig White NetIkea
Fern Wall ArtWorld Market
Loungie Floor ChairJane

Can you tell that I’ve been fantasizing about laid back lounging? Now I just need to get my tax return filed so that refund “fingers crossed” can be put to good, strategic design use.

About Julie

My name is Julieanna Bucior, but I go by Julie (unless I'm in trouble). I'm thirty one. I am a bookkeeper by day, rogue fashion designer/crafter/amateur baker by night. I spend most of my time feeling like a kindergartner trapped inside an adult's body. I love reading, hanging out with my crazy cats and being silly. I'm pretty much the girl next door, with a twist.