YouTube Obsession: Royalty Soaps

We are all looking for a little distraction these days, and I have been spending so much time on YouTube that someone will have to stage an intervention as soon as we can be closer than six feet to one another again. One of favorite things to binge are the tutorials by Royalty Soaps. These incredible soaps are a family endeavor, but the main soap maker in these videos is Katie, the “Duchess of Suds.”

I have seen “fancy” soap bars in the store before, but I had no idea how far a seasoned soap artist could take things. So many techniques and ideas! And they come up new themes and ideas every single month!

The Royalty Soaps crew puts out videos every Wednesday and Saturday and have been putting out videos for a few years now, so there is plenty of content to enjoy. I’ve literally spent multiple hours watching episode after episode.

After all of that soap inspiration, I do have admit that I finally broke down and ordered some very basic soap making supplies. I’m not starting out with the signature cold process soap that Katie created, instead starting with a much simpler melt and pour base, but I am excited and as soon as I get my supplies I can’t wait to start creating.

All images are directly from the Royalty Soap social media sources. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest. All of their fantastic creations are available for purchase on their website.

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