Funky KitKat Taste Test

I think quarentine has warped my sense of what things are worth me spending my time on. Usually, between work, friends and life in general, my down time is very limited. So if I am going to do something extra during that time, the bar is fairly high. These days, I am at home, on admin leave and aside from cleaning, laundry, and slowly whipping my home office into shape, there really isn’t anything I HAVE to be doing, and I’ve found myself indulging in my whims, just for the sake of doing something that isn’t one of those previously mentioned activities.

*Side note, I am cool doing more of cleaning activities around the house since Andy is still having to log on and work everyday, but no matter what, having to do the dishes is still the WORST. I hate it so much and I have to fight myself to do them every GD day.

Anyway, back to my whims. I am finding myself more likely to indulge my whims these days. For instance, they other day I was putting together an Amazon order and I happened to be watching a video about Japanese candy and the insane amount of KitKat flavors that are available. Before I knew it, I had added a sample pack of random KitKat flavors and completed my purchase. Then I completely forgot about it. Three days later I am pulling things out of the big cardboard box and I have a momentary “what the hell?” moment when I pull out a bag of colorful fun size KitKat bars.

Of course, these little guys came with no information regarding flavors so I had to do a bit of research so I could find out what we had. Here is the list from left to right: Green Tea (Sweeter), Chocolate Mint, Sweet Potato, Strawberry, Strawberry Mochi, Mixed Citrus, Hojicha Tea, Sweet Potato Apple Pie, Red Bean Paste, White Chocolate, Chestnut, Dark Chocolate, Green Tea(Slightly Bitter), Maple, Original, Chocolate Orange.

My Top Three: Maple, Green Tea(Slightly Bitter) & Chocolate Orange

My Bottom Three: Sweet Potato Apple Pie, Sweet Potato, Chestnut

Andy’s Top Three: Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Orange & Strawberry

Andy’s Bottom Three: Maple, Sweet Potato, Sweet Potato Apple Pie

This group had some high highs and some very rock bottom-y lows. I think Andy had more fun watching me try the flavors than he did actually trying them himself. I will admit that it was late and I may have been slightly more dramatic about my dislikes than the situation warranted, but I gotta do me, right? I also thought it was interesting that there were two different Green Tea flavors, but I read an article online that said that the lighter sweeter green tea was geared more towards children, and the darker earthier flavored green tea was for adults with a more developed pallet.

The KitKat Massacre Aftermath

The Takeaway: This was a whim that worked out pretty well. We had a good silly time researching and trying out KitKat flavors. I would absolutely recommend trying this, especially if you have a quarantine buddy to share with. I think I will probably even order another blind box of KitKats once this insanity is all over and have a try party with my friends.

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