The time has come…

To invest in a pair of rain boots. It has rained more this summer than in all of my other summers here in Tallahassee COMBINED! Okay I have no idea if that is true or not, but it certainly feels that way, I’ve had to water my garden maybe…twice in…the last three weeks, if that much.  The final straw came when I was running across the parking lot, without my umbrella, again, and I lost my shoes. Ran right out of them. I quickly back tracked, reclaimed my footwear and continued my undignified sprint to the office muttering, “please don’t let me step on anything sharp, please don’t let me step on anything sharp.” I’m guessing the big guy upstairs had already had his fill of laughs this morning because I made it to the office significantly soggier, but unscathed. I think it is most definitely time for some rain boots.

Now I could just run down to Walmart and probably find a functional if un-asthetically appealing pair of boots for about $10, but the shopaholic and overall lover of pretty things in me is suggesting ordering a pair online or seeing if I can find something a little “cuter”. Are there perhaps “glittery” rain boots….

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