Crazy Christmas DIY Day 2 – Easy Peasy

Moving right along, today we have some super easy yet thoughtful gifts. When doing these kinds of crafts I really like to take it a step further and add an additional element to “round out” the gift. Sort of along the lines of giving a box of tea with a personalized tea mug. I’ve included some short notes about what I’d include with each item, but trust your own judgment. Some of my favorite gifts have been things that were evocative of a shared memory or a private joke.

Paint Dipped Chopsticks

*I’d send it with: A giant bag of fortune cookie, either the novelty kind or the ones you get with take out, just depends on your budget. I even have a friend who makes her own cookies every year. Another direction would be to package them with a take out menu from their favorite place and a coupon for a dinner out together.

Spray Painted Silverware

I’d send it with: Coordinating table linens, and/or some index cards with your favorite recipes. These can also be wrapped up with an ice cream dish and some of the persons favorite sundae toppings.

Sparkle Top Pencils

*I’d send it with: A day planner or sketch book, a pencil sharpener and a cup or case to carry their new blinged out writing instruments.

Chalkboard Coasters

*I’d send it with: A bottle of their favorite beverage/alcohol and box of colorful chalk. I think it would be really great to sketch something or include a personal message in chalk on the coasters before wrapping them.

Color Blocked Coasters

*I’d send it with: A bottle of their favorite beverage/alcohol and a package of beverage charms. Maybe even include some matching cocktail or juice glasses if you’re feeling generous.

Tomorrow we move on to give when you’re broke!

All images are from the links embedded in the project titles.

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