Friday Link Love: My Etsy Obssesion

Merry Friday everyone! Man, having to work a three day week was brutal! Okay, not really, but I was decidedly not ready to be done with my vacation leave. However, with the new year comes a new tax season and I will more than likely find myself chained to my desk until after April 15th. The upside is, since I didn’t take all of my vacation time last year, theoretically I should be able to take a few additional days off between various deadlines this year. Which works out wonderfully since my mother and stepfather are closing on their retirement house in North Carolina today and i’ve already been enlisted help cart boxes when they make the big move in May (this will be my Mom’s last tax season!). For those of you who don’t know, my mom and I both work for CPA’s. Different companies, different parts of the state, but the same seasonal insanity.

Witch Goose

An unfortunate side effect to the elevated stress levels at the office, I tend to do a little online retail therapy to take edge off. Well within the family budget, but still more than I probably should. And that is where Etsy comes in. For you own browsing pleasure here are some of my favorite shops:




Sugar Robot, Inc.


Eternal Elements Shop

Zen Threads


Photo from Witchgoose.




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