Kinfolk Flower Pot Luck

What is the perfect way to usher in spring? Why a flower pot luck of course! On April 27th Kinfolk Magazine hosted a Flower Pot-Luck around the world to celebrate the beginning of Spring. Photographer and blogger Nickole Frazen attended the Brooklyn gathering which took place in the back garden of Moon River Chattel. The informal flower arranging class was taught by Amy Merrick. Each student contributed their choice of the flower, hence the name “Flower Pot-Luck”, and they made lovely spring arrangements and ivy crowns studded with the seasonal blossoms. Afterwards, all the guest were treated to a family stye dinner prepared by Anne Parker . Pretty much the best way to celebrate spring EVER!

Flower Pot Luck 3 Flower Pot Luck 4  Flower Pot Luck 6 Flower Pot Luck 5 Flower Pot Luck 2 Flower Pot Luck 7 Flower Pot Luck 9.2  Flower Pot Luck 1 Flower Pot Luck 8 Flower Pot Luck 9

All images from La Buena Vida.

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