Pumpkin Spice


This is pretty much how I feel all autumn. The marketing for this season’s specialty food/beverage flavor is completely wasted on me. Pumpkin Spice – bleh (shudder). I have a deep dislike for pumpkin and I don’t care for nutmeg which is one of the principal spices in the “pumpkin spice” blend. I don’t want it in my coffee, my baked goods, my ice cream and most certainly not in my pie. I get into trouble every single Thanksgiving because someone is absolutely certain that their pumpkin pie is better than all the others, and if I’d only try a bite of their special recipe I’d experience a pie revelation. Aunts, friends, my mother in law…all made me try a bite and were all(to varying degrees) offended when I didn’t like their pie. It isn’t anything personal, I won’t even eat Andy’s pumpkin pie. I.Don’t.Like.Pumpkin. Instead of being offended on behalf of the pie and the spicy flavor that is all the rage this fall, look at it this way. My not eating it, means there is more for you. And because I love you guys and I want you to spice it up til your heart’s content, I did a Pumpkin Spice Recipe Roundup just for you. So put down the pitchforks and torches and check out these recipes instead.


Kitty update – Octavian had his Glucose Curve yesterday and the vet still isn’t happy with his blood sugar levels or his weight. So we are uping the insulin dose another unit and increasing his food intake to two cans of food a day instead of one. The fluffy guy is super psyched about that last part, but things are getting better and we’ll be doing another curve in a week or so.

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