Practical Magic

Practical Magic is one of my favorite movies, and one of the very few story lines where I liked the film better than the book. I own the book, the DVD, it is in my “Watch Instantly” Netflix queue, and if I come across it while flipping through the channels I have to watch it.  I can’t even pinpoint what initially attracted me to the movie, but I can’t imagine ever getting tired of it.

Imagine my delight when Zoe, author of the blog Blessed Bee, posted a recipe for the in famous Oatmeal Mint Shaving Cream. You remember the line : “He really loved my mint oatmeal shaving cream. He couldn’t stop eating it.” So I had to share it with you guys.

Mint Oatmeal Shaving Cream

45 gms cocoa butter
30 gms base oil such as grapeseed/calendula/jojoba
20 mls liquid castile soap/olive oils soap
Peppermint oil (few drops)
Ground Oatmeal

Melt the cocoa butter and oil  in a large bowl over a pan of simmering water.  Once melted allow to cool just till the edges start to solidify!
Whisk the mixture with an electric whisk and add the liquid castile soap.  As you keep whisking the mixture will increase in volume, the cocoa butter will cool and the mix hold itself as a foam.  Now add in the peppermint oil and ground oatmeal  and give it a quick mix.  Finally put into jars and label to use the shaving cream scoop a little out and mix with a little water to make a lather.


Recipe & Photos from Blessed Bee





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  • madistroud85

    Thank you so much for this!! I have been making soap for a while now and wanted to try to make a shaving cream for my hubby. Since I too LOVE Practical Magic, I instantly thought of the oatmeal mint shaving cream from the movie. I googled it and this was the first thing that came up. Exactly what I wanted! Thank you!

    • Julie

      You are very welcome! I wanted to try this recipe originally because my husband is allergic to most commercial shaving products. But when I told him I wanted to whip up a batch for him to try he, very kindly, told me that he would just rather not shave at all! Oh well, I’ll keep on hand in case he ever changes his mind.

  • Julie

    Donna – I would just play around with the mixture until you get the desired consistency. With there being so many different types/brands of oatmeal out there it would be hard to set a specific volume.

  • Jessica

    Hi there!

    I have searched online about a couple of times a year since this movie came out for a suitable recipe and haven’t found one until now – thank you & Blessed Bee!! 🙂

    Quick question: how long will this keep for once it is in jars? Is this something that would last longer in the fridge or can I pressure-seal it?

    Thank you again!

    • Julie

      Hey Jessica,

      Full Confession: I found this recipe for my husband, and when I offered to make it he told me he’d rather just keep his beard. So I haven’t been able to try it out myself. But I would think like most homemade natural products it would keep longer in the fridge, and me personally I wouldn’t keep it longer than two weeks since it is going on such a sensitive part of the body. Hope that helps!

  • Margo

    Dumb question here but would it be edible with the soap? Could it be replaced by coconut oil?

    • Julie

      I wouldn’t eat it. The soap, even if it was all natural, would give you a wicked stomach ache. Without the soap it you could probably eat it, just make sure that the peppermint oil is food quality and not strictly for external use. The coconut oil should work as well although you’d need to be careful where you store it since coconut oil solidifies in even a moderately cool room. Hope that helps!