Friday Link Love

friday link love

The Bucior household is quiet once again. Well, as quiet as it can be with six cats, but you know what I mean. My mom and aunt headed back to NC Thursday and we are all missing them. Poor Stanley would share a piece of kielbasa with my mom every morning, we even started calling him the Kielbasa King. Now it’s just me and Andy and our vegan smoothies for breakfast, the poor little guy sits there looking at us expectantly then sadly shuffles out of the kitchen when he realized there is no kielbasa to be had. Maybe I’ll make some for he and Andy to share this weekend. Like how I use my husband as an excuse to give my cats treats? But we are looking forward to a laid back weekend since next week we’ll be heading to St. Augustine for my family reunion! My beach preoccupation is most definitely reflected in this weeks links.

This blueberry mint lemonade looks absolutely wonderful; I don’t know if I’d even share with Andy.

If complicated lemonade isn’t fancy enough for you, you could always throw in one of these floral drink umbrellas.

I’d never heard of a round beach towel before, but I sort of want one now.

As someone who can turn lobster red within 15 minutes, these beach forts are not only really fun, but dermatologically beneficial.

And if you’re going to buy a round beach towel and build a beach fort, you might as well go all in and make yourself some outdoor pillows.

Last, but not least, a really cute way to whip up a shell collecting bag.


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