Skirting the Issue: DIY Tree Skirts

Andy and I have had really bad luck with tree skirts for as long as we’ve lived together. I think I probably has something to do with our combined households leading to having six cats under one roof. We’ve tried pretty much everything, and even though we don’t put out the tree skirt until Christmas Eve, it is always destroyed before we can safely pack it away for the next year. The last couple of years, to make the impending loss less financially daunting, I’ve made our tree skirt out of supplies I already had in my craft closet. This year I’ve narrowed it down to one of these:

Ruffled Tree SkirtHGTV
tree Skirt 6
DIY Moroccan Wedding Blanket Tree Skirt
Design SpongeTree Skirt 4

No Sew Blossom Tree SkirtLive Love DIY
Tree Skirt 5

3 No Sew Tree SkirtsA Beautiful Mess

Faux Fur Skirt
Tree Skirt 3
Scalloped Edge Skirt
Tree Skirt 2

Pompom Skirt
Tree Skirt 1

My mom and I made the first one year before last. It took a while to glue down all those ruffles, and there were a few glue gun burns, but we had fun and it turned out really well. Since she is coming in on Sunday I am going to try to talk her into helping me decide which one to make this year, and lend a helping hand when it is DIY time of course.

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