Friday Link Love

This has been one of those agonizingly slow weeks. I am sure it has a lot to do with the time change and the fact that my body is absolutely certain that I am forcing it to wake up at 5am. I’ve bribed it with caffeine, but I am still fairly certain I am going to wake up in my office with the imprint of my keyboard across my cheek one of these mornings.  Tomorrow is not only Pi Day, but the kickoff of my “birthday week”. Andy is planning to take me to one of my favorite brunch places, and there have been hints that we might also hit the French patisserie one our way home. I think a giant bowl of coffee and a couple of pretty macaroons will be just the thing I need to recover from this week. Heck, if that doesn’t work, I am sure going to see Cinderella on Sunday will. Happy Weekend!

While they still won’t be able to enjoy the originals, this new printing technique allows the blind to “see” priceless paintings.

It seems that round two of baby fever is hitting my friends and co-workers; I might need to appropriate some ideas from this gorgeous baby shower in a few short months.

On a similar vein if Andy and I ever do decide to have kids, I hope I look half as beautiful as this woman when I am pregnant.

This Earl Grey frozen custard will be made this summer. The End.

While I’m not sure how I feel about having flowers in face every time I take a sip, I do have to admit that these DIY floral straws are very pretty.

One of the first things I did after moving into my house was paint the kitchen turquoise, but after looking at this kitchen inspiration post, I am thinking I might want to go all white when Andy and I get around to remodeling.   Image from here.

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