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friday link love

Oh readers, it has been quite the eventful week. I am still, despite my best efforts, firmly under the weather. I had an appointment with my GP yesterday and he suspects that I may be suffering from a problem with my gallbladder, I even had an ultra sound on my abdomen before work today. They are hoping to know something by this afternoon and then we can come up with a course of action. My mom is driving down this afternoon to help me out, I have unfortunately gotten to the point where driving, and sometimes even being by myself, is not a good idea. I wish I could say I was handling the whole situation with an enviable stoicism, but quite frankly I am a bit grumpy and prone to feeling sorry for myself. Fortunately, I am a blessed enough to have a wonderfully sympathetic husband and friends who don’t mind when I need to vent a little. Enough of that for now, to the links!

Once my things settle down and I can eat normal food again, I can’t wait to try this Avocado Toast and these Carrots with Black Garlic.

These heart paper clips are really cute and very easy to make, maybe time to spruce up my desk supplies?

I’ve been DIY-ing the wreath on my front door since Andy and I moved into the house, but I’ve been thinking about picking up one of these beauties from Terrain.

I think these off beat Mother’s Day cards are kind of awesome.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, Style Me Pretty Living has come up with some absolutely gorgeous gift basket ideas for mom. One for pancake lovers, one for those who might prefer a farm fresh omelet.


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