Friday Link Love


And so ends another long work week. To celebrate, I am hosting a girls night for a couple of friends, and we are ordering pizza and watching Pretty Woman. Side note it’s so weird to see Richard Gere with anything but silver hair, but I love the movie none the less. I even used the girls night as an excuse to buy the Blu Ray.  My roommate and I owned it on VHS in college, but neither of us know what happened to it, and since neither of us own a VCR, it’s a moot point. Tomorrow is my friend Jenn’s birthday, and barring bad weather, we are looking at taking a mini day trip across state lines to Thomasville for brunch and maybe a little shopping. Maybe a mani-pedi if we have time. What’s your weekend looking like?

These drink garnishes are a great way to fancy up your summer beverages.

Father’s Day cards for the dad who appreciates wit more than sentiment.

Saw these blush beauties on one of the people visiting our office this week. Who knew Dress Barn made shoes?

Some really great tips for outdoor entertaining during summer.

These DIY lace up flats are really cute and you could probably knock them out in half an hour. Win win.


Image from here.

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