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It’s been one of those weeks that just leave you feeling tired and grumpy. Not that there haven’t been some great moments: we discovered that our fluffy orange cat loves avocado, which I find hilarious, and I have actually managed to cross off every item on my to-do list. Wow, writing that last one down made it feel like a much bigger accomplishment…okay, we’ll go with tired, grumpy, but accomplished instead. Oliver and Andy sharing avocado was definitely the best though; he thought Andy was the nicest human ever, and now he make cute little chirrup-ing noises every time he sees one being sliced. We did ultimately had to have a discussion about how not all of the avocados in the house belong to him, I am allowed to have some too. He says being orange and fluffy makes him the boss, but I have the opposable thumbs, so who’s the real winner hear. I know I am a weird cat lady guys. Someday, I’ll even have the shirt. To the links!

Rifle Paper Co gift wrap as a wall treatment (pictured above)? Yes, please! That and 5 other DIYs for the Lazy.

Make custom printed gold ribbon to spruce up your wrapped gifts.

This is so true and I’m not sorry at all.

Help figuring out what eyeliner shape best suites your eye shape.

The latest blooms from Gold & Bloom, a beautiful boho wedding shoot, with tons of color and romantic shapes. Jenna is going to be doing the flowers for a networking even I am attending in October and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with.


Image from here.

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