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So as I write this I have to say I am silly goofy excited about this weekend. As soon as the clock chimes two on Friday, I’m jumping into my little car and driving down to Palm Harbor to spend the weekend with my friend Stefanie. We’ve literally been friends since kindergarten, and we have progressed to that level of friendship where we have just as much fun laying on the floor watching Netflix as we do adventuring. The cool thing about this weekend is that this is the first time that we’ve had a real girls weekend since before I got married. Years! It blows my mind. Even cooler, she just got a job teaching children’s yoga, and I get to go the grand opening party they are having for the studio tonight. It makes me really happy to be part of something that is such a positive moment in her life. Don’t get me wrong, I love being married, but there is a part of me that misses how things were in college when I saw my friends all the time, and we were ridiculously involved in each others life. Now it takes planning, road trips, and a three day weekend to hang out. Man, I miss college. Nostalgia aside, I hope you all have an incredible weekend; here is a little link love to get things started.

While I am a huge fan of Keiko’s blog, the real star of this post is her friend Kimbly’s hair. So very jealous!

Andy and I are tentatively planning a big Disney trip for my birthday in March. To make sure I get the most out of our park time, he sent me this website to help plan at least the food portion of the trip (although they do cover other things too).

I’ve already discussed it with Stefanie, and we will definitely be making these this weekend. Old movies and vegan junk food? Done and done.

Have you ever seen a giant dinosaur made of straw?

Some really great tips for getting hazy dreamy photos.

I like to entertain, and I don’t completely suck at it, but I have never thrown anything remotely as cool as this outdoor soiree.

As I am lining up what gifts I want to make people for Christmas, I found this DIY very interesting. Simple but bold, and I think a lot of people would mind getting one in a gift basket a couple of them as a custom set.

Image from here.

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