A little last minute inspiration

Even though I am way past the age of Santa and flying reindeer, there is still something magical about Christmas.  If you can look past the frantic last minute shoppers and the horrible holiday traffic, there are so many wonderful things happening.  Time with loved ones, cooler weather, delicious holiday beverages, and oh, so many lights.  I still remember my mom bundling up my bother and me and driving around the different neighborhoods to look at all the lights. The cool air coming in the windows we’d crack to hear the holiday music, pricking at our nose and cheeks, and the contrasting warmth of the heater making our jackets and thick socks seem so very snuggley. Before long the lights would start to blur and the music would get softer, our eyelids would feel so heavy, and then we’d wake up at home in our beds which made it seem all the more dream-like.

So if you are having a hard time getting yourself into the Christmas spirit, check out this party featured in Green Wedding Shoes and see if you can’t find the giddy five year old within that is just begging for a sleigh ride.

Now, I honestly have to say that I never knew about the mythical holiday unicorn before now, but I think it’s a great idea.

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