Tea Spirits

The other night I was enjoying an epic evening of Pinterest and Netflix, when I stumbled upon an image of a Horse/Tree hybrid entitled “Earl Grey”. Intrigued, I plugged the artist name into Google and discovered the image was part of a long running illustration series entitled Tea Spirits by Los Angeles based artist Heather Penn. I love tea. I’ve been drinking it since I was old enough to have tea parties with my mom, and it’s a key ingredient to my recipe for the perfect afternoon. In a world where coffee beverages seem to rule the hierarchy of beverages, it was really interesting to find someone who not only clearly had a love for tea but loved it enough to wonder what type of animal it would be and take the time to illustrate it.

Earl Grey

Tea 1


Tea 3

Dragon Oolong

Tea 5


Tea 6

Strawberry Green

Tea 4

Bai Mudan

Tea 2

English Breakfast

Tea 7

You can find these prints and more on the artist’s INPRNT page. I am thinking about purchasing one or two for my kitchen. I can see them framed, next to the microwave where we keep a large part of our tea stash. A playful addition to the process of flavor selection, Earl Grey or Strawberry Green?


All images are from the artist’s INPRNT page.

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