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Modern Day Princess

One of the current fashion trends I can really get behind is hair jewelry. As many of you know, I am queen of the flower crown and have been known to don a tiara or two, so while this isn’t a huge change for me, it does making blinging out my tresses much easier. One company that’s really bringing its “A” game is Lelet NY.

Lelet1 Lelet4
Lelet has everything from elaborate crowns to elegantly gilded bobbie-pins. So you can go big statement or just a little something special.Lelet7I also really liked that their pieces are great for mixing and matching.
Lelet6 Lelet2
Lelet8 Lelet3

Absolutely gorgeous; it makes me wish my hair were longer! I think these pieces would be the ultimate accessory/accessories for a wedding, date night, random Tuesday…you get the idea. 😉