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Tea Spirits

The other night I was enjoying an epic evening of Pinterest and Netflix, when I stumbled upon an image of a Horse/Tree hybrid entitled “Earl Grey”. Intrigued, I plugged the artist name into Google and discovered the image was part of a long running illustration series entitled¬†Tea Spirits by Los Angeles based artist Heather Penn. I love tea. I’ve been drinking it since I was old enough to have tea parties with my mom, and it’s a key ingredient to my recipe for the perfect afternoon. In a world where coffee beverages seem to rule the hierarchy of beverages, it was really interesting to find someone who not only clearly had a love for tea but loved it enough to wonder what type of animal it would be and take the time to illustrate it.

Earl Grey

Tea 1


Tea 3

Dragon Oolong

Tea 5


Tea 6

Strawberry Green

Tea 4

Bai Mudan

Tea 2

English Breakfast

Tea 7

You can find these prints and more on the artist’s INPRNT page. I am thinking about purchasing one or two for my kitchen. I can see them framed, next to the microwave where we keep a large part of our tea stash. A playful addition to the process of flavor selection, Earl Grey or Strawberry Green?


All images are from the artist’s INPRNT page.

The Way You Should Explain Animal Anatomy

Some day, when I have children, I will buy these prints by artist Sophie Corrigan, so I can teach my children the “proper” names for the different anatomical animal parts. Hilarious, but I fear it will make kindergarten a little rough for them.

Anatomy 1 Anatomy 2 Anatomy 3 Anatomy 4 Anatomy 5 Anatomy 6

These remind me of the “pet charts” I posted a few weeks ago. Which I will also purchase for my offspring someday.


All images from Society 6.


I was catching up on one of my favorite blogs Junkaholique and I was beyond delighted to see her pictures of a farm that she and her husband had recently visited. My favorite shots were of these adorable little spotted piglets. They were just so darn cute! I completely understood the blogger’s notion to smuggle one of these little guys home in her bag. I guess that’s another animal added to the list of “Pets I’d Like to Have Someday”. Andy jokes that we’ll just have to buy a farm someday.

Pig 3 Pig 1 Pig 2 Pig 4

I haven’t decided how I feel about the notion of farm life, it can get awful messy and not too sweet smelling, but I do like animals and gardening so maybe a small farm wouldn’t be to awful.

Images from here.