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Beautiful Bloggers: Linda Lomelino

I am always a little jealous of blogs that have flawless photography. Many of my posts feature pictures taken by me, but I am most definitely a blogger who takes photos verses a photographer/blogger. Originally, I discovered Linda Lomelino’s work on Instagram via Pinterest. I had been researching recipes, and I could not get over her gorgeous images. From there, I learned that not only did she take gorgeous photos, but she baked and had a blog by the name of  Call Me Cupcake that boasted tons of mouth watering pastry recipes. I could spend days scrolling through her archives!


I mean, even her “About Me” page photo is perfection; I’d hate her a tiny bit if she weren’t so completely awesome.

If online photos and recipes aren’t quite your thing, she has written three beautiful books. You can find English translations of two of them here. Someday, I will own all of her books.

All images are from Call Me Cupcake.

Beautiful Blogger: Joy the Baker

Allow me to introduce Joy of the blog Joy the Baker. You may have seen a couple of her recipes featured on this blog, and I regularly include her posts in my Friday Link Love. Joy not only has an amazing blog, she has a podcast, and two, that’s right two, cookbooks: one available now and the other on October 14th. I love that her blog isn’t just well composed food photography; she includes shots of the process and the mess. She also includes pictures of her fluffy orange cat, which looks very similar to my fluffy orange cat, and she adores him as much as I adore mine. One of my all time favorite reads. Do yourself a favor and click on over.

Joy 1 Joy 9 Joy 3 Joy 4 Joy 7 Joy 5 Joy 6 Joy 8

PS: She calls her orange baby Tron. How cool is that?

All images from Joy the Baker .

Beautiful Blogger : The Laughing Medusa

I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but I started reading Sarah’s blog because of her hair. I have a serious crush on her hair color(s). It wasn’t long before The Laughing Medusa became one of my favorite daily reads. It’s has a bit of everything, food, fashion, tattoos, crafting…kind of like a greatest hits on the things that I love most. It’s more than shared interest though; I found it truly inspiring to read about how she fell in love with Europe while traveling for work and how she carefully tucked away her pennies so she could move there for a year. I sympathized with how heartbroken she was when she realized she’d have to leave her cat with her parents while she was overseas; I am well aware of how off it feels to be a crazy cat lady without a cat (my first two years of college). But don’t take my word for it, check out her blog and you to will find yourself rooting for this self proclaimed “urban pixie”.

http://www.thelaughingmedusa.com/demo/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/about-me.jpgLaughing Medusa Laughing Medusa 2 Laughing Medusa 5 Laughing Medusa 4 Laughing Medusa 3

Pehr’s House

I can’t help but wonder what type of parent i’ll be. Three of my close friends a pregnant, one with her second child, and although Andy and I are not quite ready to be parents ourselves I catch myself worrying. The other night we were watching something (I honestly cannot remember what) on TV and they mentioned that you shouldn’t give honey to babies. It completely blew my mind, I substitute honey for sugar in my recipes all the time! There might have been a bit of a freak out with Andy reassuring me that he had been aware of the no honey rule and that children’s services would not take away our fictional child, or any actual future children we might have, because I hadn’t known. Oh yeah, it really was that bad, what can you do?

There are stories that give me hope. A few months ago, I did a beautiful blogger highlight on Artemis, creator of Junkaholique. She had just given birth to her little girl Pehr (pronounce Pear) and over the past few months it has been really interesting to see how she and her husband have been handling first time parenthood. Let’s just say, I hope I am half as good with my future kids. They’ve even built Pehr her very own house!

Pehr's House 1 Pehr's House 6 Pehr's House 7 Pehr's House 8 Pehr's House 2 Pehr's House 4 Pehr's House 5 Pehr's House 3

Owning real estate at the age of 6 months? Quite impressive.

All images from Junkaholique.

Beautiful Bloggers: Junkaholique

Time for another “Beautiful Blogger” highlight.  This next blog I found by accident one day when I was flipping through some England based blogs that a friend recommended. As a matter of fact this blog was where I found one of my favorite posts of all time, The Story of Flat Stanley Junkaholique is a liftstyle blog written by jewelry designer Artemis Russell. Junkaholique cronicles her travel and domestic adventures with her husband Nao, their company RUST Jewellery and the most recent addition to their family, their baby girl Pehr (pronounced “Pear”).


I find Artemis so incredibly inspiring. She one of those “superwomen” who can do it all, have the great job, the wonderful family and still have time to sew baby clothes and go on adventures in her little van. I am well aware that it probably isn’t nearly as effortless as it seems, but damn girl’s got skillz.

All images from Junkaholique.