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The Flora Forager

This time of year I am almost giddy with all of the beautiful blossoms and foliage that are popping up all over the place. I may put the occasional flower in my hair or make a nice arrangement for the fireplace (the only place the cats can’t reach), but Bridget Beth Collins aka Flora Forager takes making the most from nature’s bounty to a whole other level. I first discovered her Instagram account when it was featured on another Instagram account. Instead of the “huh, that’s pretty” followed by the haphazard like and deftly moving on, I found myself fascinated by the image and the tiny bits and bobs it took to create it. Unfortunately, the other account didn’t have the artist tagged (rude), but a quick search on Pinterest got me not only a name, but several forms of social media that all contained lovely images for me to fawn over.

She makes the flower crowns for funsies, and I am so very jealous; I’d have one for every day of the week if I could. 
This lovely little moth was the first image I was talking about. So delicate and beautifully composed, like something from a fairy tale. 

I now follow Ms. Collins on Facebook as well; we could all use a bit of pretty to relieve the tedium of the incessant political debating, am I right? You can also find prints and books available on the artist’s website.


All images are from here