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Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookies

I wasn’t sure how much baking I’d be interested in doing this month, I honestly ended up a bit baked-out after the last two weeks in December. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t want to make another brownie, cookie, or cupcake for months. There was a problem with that you see; my brother in law and his girlfriend gave me two cookbooks for Christmas, and I thought I’d page through them, you know just to see. Then I find myself adding ingredients to our shopping list and pulling out baking sheets. I just can’t seem to help myself .


The first recipe I decided to try out was Brown Sugar Shortbreads from Southern Living Incredible Cookies, since they were fairly straight forward and go great with warm beverages.

Jar3 Jar2


  • I’ve only made shortbread cookies a couple of times, so I admit that my technique may be a bit lacking, but I had issues getting the dough to come together. I followed the instructions exactly, but I couldn’t get it past the crumbly mess stage. Finally, I decided to knead in additional fat to get where it needed to be to roll out. I used 2 tbsp vegetable shortening, which in hind sight wasn’t the best idea, so if you run into a similar issue, use butter. After that though, things went smoothly.
  • I’ve always thought shortbread cookies were a little bland on their own, something you had to have with something else. These, however, are pretty awesome on their own. The brown sugar adds a dark richness that is far more complex than the standard buttery flavor. I am usually pretty good about only having a cookie or two before packing the rest up for Andy to take to the office, but I had quite a few of these before I managed to get the box closed.
  • Just for funsies, I sprinkled a couple of the warm cookies with cinnamon sugar, and Andy had them all gone before I’d even made my tea.