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Shop Cats


As a self proclaimed crazy cat lady, I will tell you right now there is never a time that I am not looking for a cat to snuggle. Most public places are woefully lacking in the respect, but I absolutely adore businesses that have resident fur babies. My reigning favorite being bookstores that have cats, although this is said without me having been to a cat cafe. I feel that when that happens we may have a new front runner. I was delighted to discover that not only was my enthusiasm for shop cats shared, but one photographer has actually channeled it into a coffee table book, Hong Kong Shop Cats.

You can order a copy of the book here, or check out the artist’s Instagram page. I’d love to do a similar project, perhaps something along the lines of “Shop Cats of the East Coast” -maybe take a few weeks off and set out on a road trip meeting and photographing as many fur babies as I can? I’m sure the people at my office would completely understand when I ask for the time off.

The beauty of a fluffy sidekick

I am back in Tallahassee, and things are starting to settle back into the normal rhythm. I feel a tiny bit bratty for saying this, but is there anything worse than having to go back to work after an awesome vacation? Seriously, every move I make is punctuated by a mental “I don’t wanna!” I’ll have some trip photos for you guys later on this week, but today I wanted to share with you an article I found about a photo series by Magdalena Grześkowiak of her and her cat Kate throughout the seasons.

Cat1 Cat2 Cat3 Cat4 Cat5 Cat6 Cat7 Cat8 Cat9 Cat10

Her cat is much better behaved than mine are; most days, it’s like living with a herd of fluffy diva ninjas. I really do wish mine would agree to go on adventures with me. I had the best time seeing all of the different things she and Kate did together. If the glimpse above isn’t enough for you, you can see more of their adventures on their Instagram account.

Getting Ready for Christmas

Sometimes it seems like the weeks leading up to Christmas are actually more fun than the day itself. There is always so much to do to “get ready” gifts to be bought, lights to be strung, cookies to be baked – not to mention all of the pre-celebrating that there is to do as well. This year my mom has been in town since Thanksgiving, so we have been indulging daily in holiday themed activities and shenanigans. Here are a few of the moments I actually remembered to take pictures of.

Waiting in line at Grassroots coffee to get our first cup of holiday hot chocolate, my mom took it one step even further and added a shot of peppermint. C10
That’s right I am wearing flip flops; we Floridians are donning our holiday sweaters with flip flops as the thermostat hovers in the high seventies.C9
Not my car, but my mom used it to bring up yet again that she thinks I need to add something festive to my auto décor. Reindeer antlers perhaps, maybe a strand of lights in the back window. Sorry, mom – the answer is still no.C7Craft day! I had a few friends, over and we laughed, singed ourselves with glue gun, and created some pretty snazzy vases and sleighs made from candy and ribbon.C8
My sweet old man sleeping peacefully under the tree; he may be grumpy and needy, but I love him so very muchC5 C4
My mom wove faux poinsettias around the cats’ wicker basket, and it is now the place to sleep and look haughty.C6
The Christmas tree, the greatest cat toy ever. We now have two water bottles sitting on the coffee table to keep the tree maiming to a minimum.C1Not everyone is as excited about Christmas as I am. Oliver is quite over all the fun toys he isn’t allowed to play with, the rearranging of his furniture, and mommy doing things that aren’t scratching his ears or snuggling him. He has taken to sitting in the middle of whatever I am working on and glaring at me. It’s really cute.

I’ve been thinking about getting a cattoo…

As you are all well aware, I am completely at peace with my crazy cat lady-ism. Heck, 99% of the time I embrace it wholeheartedly. I love my fur babies, and I have a ridiculous amount of photos to back it up. Which brings me to today: after Charlie died last year, I wanted to get a memorial tattoo, and after 4 (oh yeah, it was 4) failed attempts at getting an appointment with the two artists I was interested in getting work from, I decided to shelve the idea. In hind sight, it wasn’t a bad thing considering I’ve since decided against my previously chosen artwork. Now I am going to wait until I find exactly what I want. However, the itch to get a new tattoo is still there. I’ve been considering getting one of the other tattoos I’ve been wanting, and the top contender is something to take my crazy cat lady status up a notch. I want to get a cattoo.

Cat 6Cat 2Cat !Cat 7Cat 5Cat 3Cat 8

All of my current tattoos are fairly large and extremely colorful, but for my cat tattoo, I am finding myself drawn to more simplistic black and grey images. I really wish finger/hand tattoos had a better shelf life because a tiny cat on the inside of my right ring finger would be completely awesome, but if I am going to go through the pain, I want it to last.

Images from Bored Panda.

Baubles for Fur Babies

I’ve always been a bit jealous of people who have pets that don’t mind playing dress up. My uncle has a Pomeranian that LOVES playing dress up. She figured out a long time ago that dressing up got her extra treats and attention, so now she patiently waits for you to dress her, then proceeds to prance about so in an “I’m so pretty” fashion. I tried to put an elf hat and jingle collar on Octavian once and he refused to do anything but glare and lay on the floor in a melted boneless kitty lump. The offending hat was later mysteriously shredded. Since all my fur babies are indoor only cats they don’t even wear collars anymore. Which I didn’t mind until I got an email from Bauble Bar featuring their latest batch of baby bling.

Bauble 10 Bauble5 Bauble 3 Bauble 2
Bauble 9 Bauble 8 Bauble 4 Bauble 1
Bauble 7 Bauble 6

I want to buy my babies bling so badly! They would be fashionable as well as adorable.



All images from Bauble Bar.