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Christmas Decor Wish List

What is it about long weekends that makes Mondays suck even more? I should feel extra rested and accomplished, but no, I wake up and all I can think is “Ugh! Why can’t I have just one more day!?” First world problems, right? This weekend ended up being incredibly productive ¬†for me. I cleaned house, did laundry, started my holiday shopping, and even got some gifts wrapped; imagine what I could have done with an extra day.

The only thing I didn’t manage was pulling out our Christmas decorations. I had every intention, but you see, the boxes live in the garage, which has spiders, so I make Andy pull out the boxes and de-spider them every year before bringing them into the house. And while I did mention it once, I used up a lot of wife points making him help me shop and clean so I felt like nagging him about the one thing he didn’t do was petty and not at all something to do to the person currently buying my Christmas presents. However, while I didn’t get any actual decorating accomplished, I did manage to put together this wish list of things I’d love to add to my holiday decor collection.


  1. Metal Floral WreathFree People
  2. Vined Monogram OrnamentAnthropologie
  3. Glitter Leaf GarlandWest Elm
  4. Copper Star Light StrandUrban Outfitters
  5. Magic MantleTerrain
  6. Firefly Cloche LightWorld Market
  7. Glitter Butterfly ClipsWest Elm
  8. Champagne Star OrnamentPier One
  9. Faceted Mirror TreePottery Barn

I am curious; how do you guys decorate for the holidays? New stuff every year? Older stuff that has been passed down? A bit of both? I am currently rocking a mixture of the two, but I could see going completely one way or the other?