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Fete des Fleurs

I flipped over the Fete des Fleurs Lookbook from Shabby Apple. With all of the fall fashions showing up in stores, it will be a few months before we get to see florals and pastels again.

Shabby Apple 1

Shabby Apple 2

Shabby Apple 3


Shabby Apple 4

Shabby Apple 5

Shabby Apple 6

Shabby Apple 7

Shabby Apple 8

I want the pink tulle skirt in the first photo so badly! I don’t know where or when I would wear it, but I’d find a reason.

All images from Shabby Apple.

Summer Date Night Dresses

I it’s important to have a date night. Even if you’re married, especially if you’re married. Relationship status aside a girl needs to dress up and go out somewhere special, even if she has to take her self. Bonus, you have an excuse to buy some thing pretty. Something a little floaty, a little girly and a little sexy, and right now I am really digging the summer dress collection at Free People.

Date Night Dress 1 Date Night Dress 2 Date Night Dress 3 Date Night Dress 4 Date Night Dress 5 Date Night Dress 6 Date Night Dress 7 Date Night Dress 8


See? Absolutely perfect for a sultry summer date night.

All images and dresses from Free People.


Closet Visit

Many many moons ago, I posted a video from a site Closet Visit. Closet Visit is just that, a photography project that gives readers a sneak peak into the closets of creative young women. Some people get a kick out of riffling through other people’s medicine cabinets (for shame, for shame), but I love getting a peek at the contents of their closets. Don’t worry, I always ask permission first; especially since you can’t really pretend to be looking for aspirin in someones shoe tree. One of my favorite Closet Visits was that of Actress and Blogger Shiva Rose. First of all, the name alone is awesome enough to give me a bit of a girl crush, but then I saw the vintage.Closet Visit 1

Closet Visit 2 Closet Visit 4 Closet Visit 3 Closet Visit 6 Closet Visit 5 Closet Visit 8 Closet Visit 7 Closet Visit 9 Closet Visit 12 Closet Visit 11 Closet Visit 10 Closet Visit 13

A fantastic collection of carefully curated pieces, and the jewelry box reminds of sitting on the floor with my mom, going through my grandmother’s jewelry box. Trying on bracelets, necklaces and sparkly clip-on earrings. Feeling oh so sophisticated and glamorous, in a way that can only be managed by those under the age of five.

All images from Closet Visit.

Simply Lovely

As the temperature climbs here in sunny sunny evilly hot Florida, I find myself searching desperately through my wardrobe trying to locate the few, and I mean very few articles of clothing I have that aren’t black or long sleeved. I’ve come to the realization that I need to pick up a few lightweight, lighter colored garments in my closet. You know, since one of my goals (from this list) was to define my personal style and take steps towards a more ideal wardrobe. I still don’t think i’ll be indulging in any of the neon pieces that seems to be so popular right now; but I think a few pastel and neutral selections, like these simple creations by Mes Dames, are just what my closet needs.


Shopping tip: A great way to make your clothing budget go farther is to shop out of season. Buy clothing for next summer once all the stores start introducing their fall lines and the summer clothes migrate to the sales rack. This obviously isn’t the best plan for someone who is obsessed with being on trend, but if you are looking for more classic pieces, make mental notes now and buy later.

Images from here.


Before I had to worry about “tax season” Spring was my absolute favorite time of year here in Florida.  Since many a Christmas has seen the thermostat at 80 degree I look forward to the cold snap that hits around the beginning of March. Fortunately, this year I make it home early enough to open the screen door and let the furry babies enjoy the “kitty tv” while I enjoy the cool breeze, the chirping cardinals and the deliciously sweet scent of the tea olive bushes by the door. This is also the time of year I do most of my cothing shopping.  Sadly, I haven’t really found many items that just scream “BUY ME!”

This collection by Noa Noa is exactly the sort of thing I love. Unfortunately, a bit out of my price range, but as Andy keeps reminding me, I have a degree in design and the best way to whip my sewing skills back into shape is by making some things for myself.  I’m not quite ready to jump back in yet, but my office is shaping up quite nicely and soon I am going to be all out of excuses.


Images from here.