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I’m Just a Girl Looking for a Nook

It’s happened, guys; it’s finally happened. I dare not speak it aloud, but… I believe… fall has reached Tallahassee. For the last week it has been consistently cool outside, we’re talking high 60’s – low/mid-ish 70’s during the day, 40’s and 50’s at night. It’s been WONDERFUL! I know that isn’t super cold for most of the country, but for us? It’s almost a freeze. As the ability to wear both socks and long sleeves has gone a bit to my head, I have rediscovered my desire for a reading nook. Not just a comfy chair, a designated cozy spot with good light, storage area for my books and well… that comfy chair or really a comfy reading surface.

I have to say that there is a part of me that is really liking that many of these have some sort of covering. I mean, a reading nook is awesome, but a reading fort is even cooler. That’s right; I’m a 31 year old woman daydreaming about making my own fort. As I’m typing this, I am realizing that whatever I make I’ll need to account for at least two cats. Reading is better with cats, and mine are a little spoiled and tend to commandeer any horizontal cozy area.

As much as I am loving this idea, it may end up on my “to-do” list for 2018. A new nook for a new year and all that.


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One of those days…

I woke up completely exhausted this morning. It probably has to do with this being my first full week back at the office since I was sick. Pair that with me trying to work through all off the errands that piled up while I was sick? Yeah, I’ve had to take power naps twice this week, which I rarely do. Unfortunately, as you all know, the world does not stop because you’re sleepy. So, between phone calls and grocery runs, I’ve been flipping through the images on my “Cozy” Pinterest board and fantasizing about how decadent it would feel to be curled up in my stretchy pants with a soft fluffy blanket, sipping a mug of something rich, and snugging my fur babies.

Cozy 7 Cozy 4 Cozy 2 Cozy 1 Cozy 3 Cozy 8 Cozy 9

In this fantasy, it’s also about 30 degrees cooler outside and dark. A girl can dream, right? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? What would you rather be doing today?

All images from my Cozy Pinterest board.

Warm and Cozy

Florida can be a bit disappointing to someone who enjoys the cooler weather. Many a Christmas has been spent with the air conditioner running full blast. This year has been a bit kinder, with the thermostat fluctuating from the Low 60’s – the High 70’s during the day and 40’s-50’s at night. We’ll by no means be having a white Christmas, but compared to the last few years I am very grateful have a chance to enjoy cozy sweaters and steamy warm beverages.

The office is so quiet this time of year, no huge deadlines, very few complaining clients, and not much else to do besides pack up old files and get ready for next year. It almost makes me miss tax season. Almost. Time for more hot chocolate.

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