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Star Lights

I am in love with these Stargazer Lights from Terrain! I have visions of light filled apothecary or bell jars lining my mantle for the holiday season. These sweet little strands are so versatile you can find ways to use them year round. For me, I am planning on getting a few different strand lengths so I can use them for things like the aforementioned jars, but also for larger projects like lighted garlands or table runners. I really liked that Terrain included a number of different decorating ideas on the purchase page.

Terrain 8 Terrain 7 Terrain 5 Terrain 4 Terrain 3 Terrain 1 Terrain 2 Terrain 6 Terrain 9

Lighted fire pit anyone? You wouldn’t be able to make s’mores, but you wouldn’t have to worry about getting the smoke smell out of your hair and clothes either. Pretty and great for outdoor parties with little ones or clumsy larger ones. *coughAndycough*

All images from Terrain.

I’ve Got the Blues

The bangs in your face, thick eyeliner angsty indigo blues. The life is pain, nobody understands me, what does it all mean blues. I swear it’s like I’m 14 again listening to Alanis Morissette thinking about how unfair the world is.

Indigo 1.1

Indigo 2

Indigo 3.1


Indigo 5

Whilst wallowing in my funk, I started pinning indigo images to my “Blue” board (it’s just sad, I know), and I found some images of a dyeing technique called Shibori. A couple of the crafting blogs I read (Honestly…WTF & Design Sponge) have recently had posts about this process and I really think I’d like to give it a try. Now all I need is a moderately cool day and a decent excuse to give my boss when I come to work with blue hands. This part isn’t self deprecating: I just have an uncanny knack of getting whatever I am working with down the inside of my gloves, happens every time I dye my hair. I’m good like that.


Images from Blue, Honestly…WTF & Design Sponge


So I kind of forgot…

heart balloons

That Friday was Valentine’s Day. I mean, I know that Valentine’s Day is on February 14th, and I know that Friday is the 14th, but some how the two didn’t connect. Fortunately, the rest of the internet didn’t forget, and there is plenty of great craft and recipes ideas. Here is a Valentine’s Day Roundup for us last minute shoppers/creators.

Valentine’s Day DIY:

No Sew Valentine’s Mail Bag
Fringed Love Cake Topper
Paper Heart Garland 3 Ways
Living Letters with Fresh Flowers & Succulents
XOXO Heart Clutch
Plush Conversation Hearts
Embossed Goodie Bags

Valentine’s Day Cards & Printables

Paper Umbrella – Free Printable Cards
A Pair & A Spare – Free Printable Cards
A Pair & A Spare – Watercolor Card DIY
The Sweetest Occasion – Free Printable Cards
You Are My Fave – Looking at You Card DIY
The Paper Mama – 3D Strawberry DIY Cards

Valentine’s Day Recipes

Chocolate Cake with Rose Buttercream
Cake Pops & Printables
Kiss Meringues
Layer Cake in a Jar
Brownie Hearts & Bites
Strawberry Nutella French Toast


Image from here.



Halloween Printable Round Up

I’ve come across quite a few Halloween printables in the last few days. I was tempted to make it the theme of this week’s Friday Link Love, but then I found more cool, non-printable based, links that I want to share insted. So it’s sort of like a double link love this week. Except i’m not calling it that officially.  Although, I just sort of did…Anyway, these are five of my favorite FREE Halloween printable to get you in the spooky spirit.

Note: I also think the coloring page (item 4) Would be a great template for cutting out trick or treat bags or luminaries, making construction paper jack-o-lanterns or even just as a stencil (for trick or treat bags or luminaries).

BOO!!! Printable Halloween Treat Bags

Print 1

Give Me Something Good To Eat Tag

Print 2


Buggy Bar Wraps and Treat Toppers

Print 3

Classic Pumpkin Face Coloring Page

Print 4

Creepy Crawly Table Settings

Print 6

Crafting Essentials

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I am really into DIY projects and crafts of almost any kind.  I have drawers full of odds and ends and things that I feel like I might “someday” need. As nice as it is to have all of those specialty items at my fingertips, crafting is a lot like baking in that there are some basic items you need to keep on hand. Cyd, from The Sweetest Occasion recently posted this list of what she considers to be crafting essentials.


I think it’s a pretty comprehensive list. I also keep all of these items on hand, although I don’t really have a preferred brand of paint. There are three other things that are on my personal list: a sharp pair of scissors, a hot glue gun and a spray can of multi-purpose gloss spray paint.

Image from The Sweetest Occasion.