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Home Inspiration

One of the first things I did when Andy and I moved into our home 2 and a half years ago was paint. The whole house was this really blah beige  and frankly it was depressing. I like color, I always have. These days, since Andy has to live in our home too, my color choices are more along the lines of sages and blue-greys vs. the kelly green and tropical turquoise I picked for my college apartments. Shade and vibrancy aside, the moral of the story is I like color in my living spaces. Or I thought I did, lately I’ve found myself drawn to home decor images that feature lots of bright whites that are then accented by brightly colored furniture. Maybe it’s just a phase?

Home 1  Home 3 Home 4 Home 5 Home 6

Home 7

It would take a lot of coats of paint to combat the current wall colors.


Images from here.

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Keeping it Together

I am an inadvertent collector. I regularly pick up random objects that catch my fancy, and whenever Andy and I moved into the house two years ago I realized as I was packing things, how many little collections I have. And it isn’t just things that I’ve bought, my family and friends know that I like certain things like quirky mugs or long scarves, and they give them to me for holidays and birthdays. I like the idea of being able to showcase and share my collections, instead of keeping them packed away, and I was delighted to find this post on integrating your collections into your home decor. Here are a couple of my favorite ideas.

Collection 2 Collection 1 Collection 5 Collection 6 Collection 3 Collection 4 Collection 7

Images from here.

Beautiful Barn

I love this renovated old barn. The stone work, the exposed beams and all of the wonderful light? Heaven. I also really like that the decor, while lovely, is mostly functional. Houses are meant to be lived in, and while I understand the desire to have the perfect showcase home, I’d much rather be able to flop onto the couch without having to worry about ruining something. I really like the coffee table in the living room, I could see Andy and I taking turns sitting on it while the other one pushed the table around the room, I can even hear Andy making the “vroom-vroom” noises. A little immature, but so much fun!

Barn 9 barnhouse2 barnhouse3 barnhouse9 barnhouse4 barnhouse5 barnhouse8 barnhouse7



Images from Honestly…WFT and Elmueble


Christmas Inspiration

It is finally time to start celebrating Christmas! I know a lot of the stores started right after October 31st, but I like to wait until after Thanksgiving to get my Christmas groove on. We kicked things off yesterday by getting our tree, the first real tree I’ve had in years. The house smells lovely and the cats can’t seem to decide if it’s a fancy holiday salad bar or some evil pine scented monster that activates the equally evil spray bottle, but it made it through the night relatively unscathed so we’ll probably start decorating today. And by we I mean me, Andy usually supervises from the safety of the couch, but he will do any of the high spots that I can’t reach. I haven’t decided what theme, if any, I want to do this year(I am big on themes), but this Pinterest board entitled Xmas Naturel has given me a few ideas.

Xmas Natural 1 Xmas Natural 2

Xmas Natural 3Xmas Natural 5

Xmas Natural 8

Xmas Natural 9.0

Xmas Natural 9.1

Xmas Natural 9.2

Xmas Natural 9.3

Xmas Natural 6

Andy finds my need for a theme incredibly amusing.

Young at Heart

I may have been out of my teens for almost a a decade now, but I am absolutely besotted with the Emily & Mereitt collection for Pottery Barn Teen (collection available here). Target demographic be damned.  The feature blurb describes the collection as “perfect way to express your whimsical, one-of-a-kind style” and they pretty much nailed it. Although, I do roll my eyes a the “one of a kind style” bit; but it is whimsical and is inspired by two things that I love: vintage style and Wonderland.





Clock 1 Clock 2




My favorite piece is probably the bunny ear alarm clock, but I would get the unicorn head wall mount just to see Andy’s face when he sees it.

PS: If you have a few minutes to kill go click around the Emily & Meritt website, I love the design.

Images from here & here.